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GTA Soundtrack.

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Greetings, community!


A while ago I placed a request about looking for the Doomsday heist and Cayo Perico in game files soundtrack, this because I play on PS4 hence I cannot extract the wav files to get the stems to form up the soundtrack, therefore I requested if someone could share those files with me, I decided to request it this way rather than downloading a pirate copy or buying the game on PC (something I don't need nor can't play in my computer). I found that having those soundtrack files are quite handy when it comes to custom the tracks, I was wondering if someone could share with me the originally included soundtrack files as well heist, after hours and casino heist, I know this is much to ask, but it's the only way I can get my hand on them.


I apologies in advance for the request and also if it is posted in the wrong section, I ask for guidance in where should this be post.


Thank you very much for your time too.

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I mean.. please don't take this the wrong way etc but I searched "youtube doomsday heist soundtrack" on google and literally the first result was this, and the same channel seems to have the other soundtracks you are looking for too :)




next just use google to look for "download mp3 from youtube" and you should find websites that let you convert (you enter video url they give you an audio file download) or browser plugins that add a audio download button.


This way nobody has to get in trouble for sharing game files :)

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Yeah I think I helped you out last time with that stuff... maybe it was another individual... apologies if I'm wrong. 
But yeah, extracting all these audio files and then uploading them is not only going to take someone potentially hours but there'd be loads of files too. 

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