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Toxic Greifers on Xbox

Go to solution Solved by whywontyoulisten,

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so i was doing my heist preps for cayo perico and it was a pretty peaceful lobby i fast traveled in my sub and as soon as i exited with my sparrow some asshole with a jet blew me up as soon as i left my sub. he wasn’t in the lobby before that and he targeted me specifically for no reason like he really got a jet just to kill me and blew my kosatka up. i tried glitching into a solo lobby but it crashed my game and i had to do the heist prep i just completed for a second time. then i messaged him saying he’s a scumbag and told him how KD doesn’t matter and he reported me and i got com banned i got unbanned like 2 hours ago and i messaged him calling him out and he reported me again. he said he was a better player than me and that i’m trash because he got one unfair kill on me. i mean 1 kill makes you good though?!??? then he texts me 1-0 LZZZ sh*t is so cringey. wtf i’m bout done with this game so many shark card buying 12 year olds that grief and EWO when you try and kill them. if people are so worried about their KD why don’t they play call of duty or in a game where it actually matters? all these kids are trash at ground combat that’s why they use jets and oppressors.  for real tho i don’t get why parents buy their kids a rated M game i really doubt they’ve never heard of grand theft auto cus it’s been controversial for years. do parents not know how to read or something? it’s always little 12 year olds that like calling you the N word that grief. can i post his gamer tag on here?? id like to teach him a lesson but i barely have time to play because i’m an actual productive human being with a job and friends. every time i have time to play sh*t like this always happens. also i don’t understand why i keep getting banned by toxic lil sh*ts WHEN I PAY FOR XBOX LIVE WITH MY OWN MONEY I WORK HARD TO MAKE I DONT PAY TO GET BANNED SO I CANT USE HALF THE FEATURES I PAY FOR LIKE WTF. why? i’m an american citizen the 1st amendment of the US constitution literally says i have the right to free speech. well apparently i don’t cus i get com banned literally every time i play. can i sue microsoft for violating my rights? this sh*t is ridiculous i can’t imagine being so offended about what a stranger on the internet says about you. if your so offended why don’t they turn their console off and go outside like a normal human? if you can’t do that it’s as simple as closing your eyes so you don’t see the message i mean god damn. am i allowed to post this kids gamer tag? can somebody send him messages or boot him offline or join his game and f*ck up his KD?

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  • Solution

You know you can do heist preps in an invite only lobby, right?

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This thread is so funny. Only person getting heated is you. You've setup an account on gta forums to rant big because you got killed on a game. You want to encourage other members to join you in sending him messages and getting comms banned themselves because you haven't learnt how to control your anger. Also wanting someone to commit a federal crime by booting him offline. You see the irony here Mr actual productive human being 😂

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Uncle Sikee Atric

This is not a thread for help and support, this is just moaning.


If you want a solution, I can offer :


22 hours ago, whywontyoulisten said:

You know you can do heist preps in an invite only lobby, right?


Thank you.

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