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Trophy Cars/vehicles: what to keep?

Line Rider

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There are five safehouses in the game. Firefly Island in Broker, the replacement apartment in Bohan, Playboy X's pad in Algonquin ( provided you kill him ),  Roman's "how the f*ck did you afford this?" luxury apartment in Algonquin,  and the one everyone hardly uses in Alderny. Each has a parking space in front that can safely save two vehicles.  I have been able to save three in one space, but eventually one of the three vanishes, so two is safe. That leaves ten vehicles you can save in the game as long as you remember to park them in those spaces, and no moron AI drives his vehicle into the space while you are saving the game. 


The question is, what ten cars have you saved, or wish you had saved? Brucie's friend's Comet is the first trophy car given to you. The second is the Infernus Bernie gives you after his final mission.  There is also Playboy Xs cars which remain intact as long as you don't use them on his mission but steal a passing car instead. Also, I failed the mission with Gracie so she left her car behind and took it to the Alderny safehouse, then went back to Gracie's house to see her washing a second pink Feltzer. Similarly,  I destroyed the getaway vehicle in the mission Tunnel of Death, failing the mission, so I could save the Stockade. Those are cars that seem to show up once and never again. Extremely hard to steal, due to needing to evade a six star wanted level to steal them, are the Buffalo and the airport buggy. ( although sometimes the GTA gods gift you, and those vehicles are parked out in the open and not in any restricted areas. ) What other vehicles are worth saving for a rare vehicle/trophy collection?

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I got Roman's taxi, Sanchez (rare to spot in traffic), Super GT (only obtainable in few side missions), Stevie's Comet, Bryce's Internus, Playboy X's Patriot, Gracie's unique pearl white Cognoscenti.

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Lance Mayhem

I've saved different ones on different playthroughs. 


Jacob's Virgo, Stevie's Comet, the Buffalo, Bryce's / Bernie's Infernus, the two-tone Manana from Stevie's list, resprayed triad Intruder and Feroci, resprayed Spanish Lords' Cavalcade, resprayed Jamaican Voodoo (with pipes), Roman's taxi (original and resprayed), resprayed Sentinel STD, resprayed Russian mafia Shafter, Elizabeta's Voodoo, Michelle's Merit (very briefly), and maybe something else from Stevie's list, or other ones I can't recall at the moment, plus the odd armored car just to have one handy, or a Taxi for some incognito driving (like assassin jobs). 


Lately, it seems out of character, so I don't bother so much. 



Words of warning:


1. Don't park a police car outside of Bohan or Alderney. Foot cops will apprehend criminals and drive them off in your vehicle (lost a Buffalo that way). 


2. For me (on PS3), the parking spot in Alderney will sometimes only store the most recent one I put there (or sat in / on). I treat this spot as parking for only one vehicle. 




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I've hung on to:

- Brucie's Comet

- Romero Hearse (stolen after the McReary funeral)

- Roman's taxi

- Bernie's Infernus

- Super GT from the Russians in Union Drive


In general I like to keep a high value sports car outside the Bohan safehouse at all times (usually a Turismo) so that more spawn around there and I can sell them to Stevie's garage or use one when I feel like it. But the car I most like to keep on hand is the Blista Compact.

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Lucas wester

A police car outside of the penthouse you share with roman i always forget what its called

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Cutter De Blanc

I remember I always kept at least one Infernus as they dont spawn in traffic unless youre driving one. I think they spawn in traffic in TBoGT though


I also kept a prison bus in front of the Lost Mc clubhouse

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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