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Really good tips for DYOM creators

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This is a list of DYOM tips I'd like to have used before, but I want to share with others now

  1. Some people want to use the "-" character in their dialogues. This is possible, click here to find out how.
  2. Make use of the in-game music. Play cutscenes inside of interiors that have music (like Pro-Laps, the Bar, strip club, unused Brothel, etc) If you watch a lot of television, you would know how well music can be used. It makes cutscenes much more enjoyable to watch too. If you want to make a cutscene outside of an interior, you can use cars to play music: TP the player inside a car that isn't a social vehicle and then play the cutscene. You can choose which radio station to play too, but that would limit your car selection. Here is a list of cars and each radio it plays by default. Trust me, this makes a huge difference!!
  3. Don't hesitate to use mods. A lot of people don't like asking players to download mods for their missions because it is inconvenient, however, it is hard to get attached to characters when they are all just Ryder and Sweet lookalikes. A good way to go about this would be limiting mods to storylines and not standard missions.
  4. In storylines, try to avoid using Overdosed Tropes. Don't go through all of them, but there's a lot of overdosed tropes in DYOM and it would help you a lot just to avoid following them.
  5. Amplify your shootouts: One first thing is that a lot of people do drive-by missions where your friend drives a car and you're in the back seat shooting the bad guys while dodging explosions and flying through ramps, and I love those missions more than anybody else but you can use those same effects in shootouts. One thing that makes shootouts even more interesting is adding friend NPCs who have better weapons & aim than you do, and will hold positions or move (up to you) at all times. You have to defend them and they defend you. Enemy NPCs with shotguns coming in every bit and then are great too. You can decide if your shootouts will have just 1 wave of enemies or many waves, but having 1 enemy come in out of nowhere with a combat shotgun is always really cool to see. Finally, my last shootout tip is that make the enemies come from behind you. Don't make them all come from one direction. If you're in an interior, add a window where they can jump from and ambush you.
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Light Syde Riandy
On 3/25/2021 at 5:54 PM, Aymunz said:

These are some nice tips, man! I don't understand the part about tropes, though. Can you explain more? 


I guess it's something like "breaking the 4th wall", "cliffhanger", "plot twist", "dialogue before execution kill", "ambiguity", etc...


Honestly though, OP, the problem with trope is not its' use but rather how it is executed. So what if some tropes are overused? If they are at least done with underused methods, then the mission still deserves a praise. I'd say if designer thinks some tropes are cool, then he can just use them and ignore others who attempt to discourage him from using them.

Edited by Light Syde Riandy
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28 minutes ago, Light Syde Riandy said:

I guess it's something like "breaking the 4th wall", "cliffhanger", "plot twist", "dialogue before execution kill", "ambiguity", etc...


Honestly though, OP, the problem with trope is not its' use but rather how it is executed. 

Most of these are things that will happen in a story eventually anyways. I get that the designer should try to be creative in his writing approach. But putting barriers as to what a writer should avoid isn't helpful in creativeness. Especially since there's nothing wrong with these other than that they are overused.

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Paulo Dizon

How About More Political And Controvesial Themes  

Edited by Paulo Dizon
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