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GTA 5 looking funky graphics wise

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I got GTA on sale a few months ago to mess with mods/to mess around without cops but i cannot play the game in the native 4K resolution of my screen. Because if i do i only get 35-45 fps if i am lucky, but also massive amounts of lag when things explode etc. I'm no expert in this and it will sound deranged but when i play in 1920x1080 the fps is obviously a lot better as it goes over 90+, but the graphics genuinely bother me as they obviously look stretched and weird. But it's like me and all 3 protagonists are drunk/need a cataract operation (car license plates look really weird and blurred from even a small distance until i am right on top of them and trees/hedges look hazy too)  . I've only got a 5500 XT 8GB OC which is at the default clock speed etc as i don't mess with that sort of stuff, 16GB 3000 Mhz DDR4 RAM and a I7-7700K at 4.2Ghz. My monitor is a Samsung LU32J590UQUXEN, the game also flickers a lot too and even in 1440p the graphics still look strange like i mentioned above, but all my drivers, radeon software and so on are all up to date as i check constantly for updates. The only other game i have that is strong graphics wise is the witcher 3, which i play in 1440p and get between 50-60 FPS with no flickering or weird graphics because all my other games are old like GTA 3, VC, SA and L4D so it doesn't happen in those games. Thanks

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I'm sorry but you might not like this answer.

The 5500xt is not a 4k gaming card, and stretching the image from a lower resulution to 4k will always be blurry.

Even with all lowest settings etc that card will struggle at 4k.

And it will be worse with newer games.

You have the wrong monitor for your system which leaves you with 2 options.

Downgrade your monitor.

Or upgrade your GPU and tbh for a bit of future proofing you need to have a RTX3080 or 6800xt to concider 4k gaming. imho.


edit, you say you are using MOD's? I am sure there are mods availiable which address performance which may help, a little. But I would not use them or any other mod online.


edit 2, if you lock your fps to 30 this may also help with noticable stutter and lag.

Edited by MechanicMammal
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I said mods, but what i mean is just spawning in cars, giving myself god mode in the game etc so i can mess with the cops. I haven't implemented full on mods as that would probably make it worse lol. I play GTA on very high, not 4K as i know that card can't handle that because i only play old games like GTA VC etc as i said. I thought i'd be able to do something about it via Radeon software or something like that. I'm not a proper PC gamer, so my monitor is used for watching YT and films as well so that's why i got it tbh. At 1080p very high the game doesn't lag or stutter, it just looks weird in ways i cannot describe and that's what i am trying to fix really lol because it even happens in 1440p when i get between 70-85 fps. If i get into proper PC gaming i'll most likely get a better card, but for now i'll just keep the settings i have lol.

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