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How to make Gta Sa from SCRATCH?

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I am talking about new missions, vehicles, textures, actors, and a bunch of other assets, from SCRATCH!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I would start out watching lots of tutorials on YouTube. And I wanna tell you something.

If you want to mod a game you have to learn more about the tools that you use rather than the actual game.


For modeling I would recommend using blender or 3dsmax (if you have the money for 3dsmax, don't download illegally)

And well just get all the basics tools like txd editor, alcis img editor, map editor, col editor ( very important )

Start simple and don't hurry yourself.


Edited by futureAllrounder
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Hamzeol Murf

For New Missions, You're Gonna Have To Learn Main.scm Code Language And About A Lot Of Opcodes. I Started Out By Editing The Vehicles, Ped Models & Weapons Used Which Occur During The Mission And So On.


As For The Other Assets, I'll Give You A Short Info:

1) Default.ide Has All The Weapons Listed, You Can Add More After Increasing Limits. weapon.dat Has Each Weapon's Attributes Which Are Necessary For Them.

2) shopping.dat Has Everything The Game Offers You In All The Cloth's Shop. If You Wish To Add More Clothes, You Can Only Add Them With New Textures, You Can't Add New Models Without Increasing Limits.

3) peds.ide Has All The Pedestrians Of The Game, You Can Add 2 More Within The Game Limits.

4) pedgrp.dat Defines The Type Of Pedestrians (Prostitutes, Countryside, Gang). Each Group's Appearance Zone Is Defined In Main.scm.


Take A Look At These Files And Try To Figure Out What's Going On, Then It'll Be Easier For You To Edit Main.scm


The Game Limits I Mentioned Can Be Increased Using A Limit Adjuster. The Best One Is Fastman92's Limit Adjuster.

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