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Replaying missions to obtain items or weapons that were missed


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Bolt Action Rifle: Chapter 2, "The First Shall Be Last"


The rifle can be obtained in the Chapter 2 mission "The First Shall Be Last" by killing the bounty hunter on the left....he carries and drops the Bolt Action Rifle. I was unaware of this 1st time I did the mission...I am now into Chapter 3, and decided to attempt to 'redo' the mission to get the gold medal and most especially the Bolt Action Rifle. I ran it, the rifle dropped, I picked it up and used it for the remainder of the mission - it updated my weapon compendium, registered multiple kills and head shots to it's credit...and I had it in my hands.


When the mission ended, I checked all my weapon inventory- No physical rifle, just my compendium stayed updated as if I had acquired it already. Upon further reruns of the mission, the Bounty Hunter no longer drops the rifle, as the game seems to view me as if I already have it....further proven by my weapon compendium. It also did not unlock in the St D gunsmith, I checked that as well as my weapon storage....no rifle.


So my long winded question is, is this by design?

If you miss an item or a weapon you CAN'T return to the free world with items or weapons you obtain during a MISSION REPLAY?

Or is something broken?


Thanks in advance, peace, love, and be safe!


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58 minutes ago, TimW120 said:

you CAN'T return to the free world with items or weapons you obtain during a MISSION REPLAY

That's pretty much it.

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