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How does someone actually "add" a car mod for this game?


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I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm a bit noobish at modding this game.

Say, I'd like to use one of these cars found in this workshop (which they're awesome, btw), what else I need to use to add this vehicle to my game? Do I need a limit adjuster like I would do for SA for example?


I use GTA IV Complete Edition, I hope I don't need to downgrade my game because most times is just a mess and it actually makes my game run slower! I have read the criticism of using CE over the original one, but I find it more stable, actually.





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first you need to know if you want to replace or add. in GTAIV modding these have different significations. i don't know the cars of the link you provided. but basically you need to know these things: simplest way is replacing. cars are mounted the following way:

one wft file for 3D, one wtd for textures

a line in vehicles.ide (basic car info like sounds spawning frequency..)

a line in handling.dat (handling behavior)

a line in carcols.dat (car colors). these lines are in files that can be edited with text editors

for replacing the wft, and wtd you'll need OpenIV tool

if you add (not replace) a car you need to add the car name into the peds population (for the car to spawn in game). the file is cargrp.dat


i let you seach for replacing and adding tuts on these forums. i recommend you to replace a car first so you get how things work

ALWAYS backup

Edited by jpm1
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