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Are the Donald Love missions required to get to 'The Exchange'?


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I can't finish the escort mission and just want to get to the end of the game.

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Yes, they are. I don't remember which was that escort mission, but you must have in mind that doing some missions for Love early blocks you access to other missions in the game. Doing "Rub out the Waka-Gashira!" (I'm sorry I don't remember the right name in english, I played it on spanish and it said "¬°Extermina al Waka-Gashira!") before completing the missions given by Kenji Kasen blocks you access to Kenji's missions (I won't spoil you, but I think you can already imagine why); and doing "Grand Theft Aero" before completing "Two-Faced Tanner" from Asuka Kasen blocks the access to this mission, since the final cutscene of Grand Theft Aero shows that Asuka have more pressing matters to attend outside her apartment, thus triggering her second and last string of missions. So, complete any other storyline missions as soon as they're available before completing Love's missions. And last of all, after the second string of Asuka's missions comes The Exchange, so again, yes, Love's missions are required to get to The Exchange.

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If you have a hard time beating the mission you may want to use Ray's bulletproof Patriot which you get after doing his Marked Man mission. Save the Patriot in a garage and use it to beat the mission. Also study the path the van takes, you should always be ahead so you can take out the Colombians in advance.

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Not all of them. You only need to complete all missions until Grand Theft Aero (included). Besides that, you can complete the rest of the missions even after The Exchange

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