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So, 8-Ball also betrayed Claude?

Richie Makyura

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Richie Makyura

We know 8-Ball its asociated with the Leone's, He for sure he implanted the bomb in Last Request. It could just doing the Dirty work for money. Besides he is absent for the rest of the Game.


What do you think about this?

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Yeah, that's possible.


As we can see in Grand Theft Auto III, in Liberty City there are no friends, nobody caresย for one another.ย 

Edited by Americana
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Pretty sad if you ask me. 8 Ball doesn't have much character in the 3D GTA games and has always been there for story purposes and no real character. Then again, 8 Ball only met Claude, Mike, and Tony for a brief period of time, so it makes sense that they are only acquaintances and not friends. I wouldn't be surprised if 8 Ball betrayed Claude, just so he wouldn't have to deal with the Leone mafia.

Edited by ThermalMoon
What is up with my grammar.
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Even if 8 Ball put put the bomb in the car I don't think he knew who the target was. They probably just asked him to put the bomb in the car, end of story. I can't imagine the Mafia telling him "oh by the way we are going to blow up Claude with this"

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Maybe. While 8-Ball seems to be friendly to Claude and even helped him find work, the game doesn't show much of 8-Ball so we can't really say that they are friends. All we can see is that 8-Ball trusts Claude enough to kill all the Colombians while he's rushing inside the ship. One can see this as a testament to their friendship or whatever. But then again the game isn't that deep when it comes to characters and their relationships so it all comes down to what the player thinks of 8-Ball based on his few appearances I suppose.


I personally don't think 8-Ball even knew about Salvatore's plan. He probably rigs vehicles on a daily basis without asking any question whatsoever. Does that mean 8-Ball wouldn't have done it if they had told him the target was Claude? I don't think so. Like Claude, 8-Ball is probably in it for the money and probably doesn't care about who he betrays. It's open to interpretation of course but at the end of the day it doesn't change much since Claude never sees him again after "Bomb Da Base" and can still support his business well after the end of the story.

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From an immersion-friendly point of view we can imagine this fictional character rigged the cheetah without knowing the target is Claude. It's too bad this part of the scenario isn't developed afterwards.

Edited by Evil empire
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  • 2 weeks later...

8-Ball doesn't really have a strong chemistry at all with Claude, kind of like how less of a prominent of a character he is in liberty city stories. It just seems purely on a business level as he may have thought Claude was able to do some simple grunt work for a local strip club owner by escaping the convoy with 8-Ball. In regards to the OP point, I have to absolutely agree because If I would reference a quote from GTA Advance which springs to my mind that 8-Ball himself makes "I know the fellows at the junkyard and they wont ask questions"; this would to imply that similarly 8-Ball will be of similar position where he wouldn't ask who he is he supposed to set the bomb for. I mean at the end we only see him at the beginning and the end of the Portland saga so he doesn't really strike any betrayal with the unknowingly plan of killing Claude.

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