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Full NY experience (taking trains & walking everywhere)


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A few years ago I wanted the full “New York experience” so I completed GTA 4 without driving any cars to my destinations. I took the subway everywhere, and I only used cars required in missions. The two best parts were walking through the city, and all the subway stops being very close to the mission markers. It’s almost like Rockstar designed the game that way.🧐


I felt like I noticed more detail in the city by walking everywhere. For Alderney, I used the taxis to get to missions, without skipping the ride. At the end of the game, my Cars Stolen stat was still 0. 😄


Just curious if anyone else has tried this? 

Edited by damian001
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Algonquin Assassin



I regularly do this to break up driving everywhere. When I catch subways, use taxis, walk etc I feel like an actual tourist.


Despite that I’ve spent literally hundreds if not thousands hours exploring the city it’s nice to slow things down everything now and then. You appreciate just how much work R* put into city and all the cool nuances that come with it.

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I have memorized which missions let you use our own car (and when it doesn't despawn), so I use two vehicles during the whole game (Esperanto and then Presidente). 


When I can't use my own car I always use a Taxi, or a train. When the destination is not far I walk there.

Edited by Americana
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I like to use taxis without skipping the trip (first person view looking out the window is awesome) and use the subway when I can but I've never done it to that extent. Sounds like a cool way to experience the game. Only thing that's annoying is how there's a short time limit on meeting friends to hang out, that could've been one of the best times to use the subway but as it is you'd be late every time. 

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Lance Mayhem

I've never completed the game without driving, but I do take taxis and subways quite a bit. 


I also use first-person view in a taxi, checking out storefronts, large women -- uh, I mean pedestrians -- and landmarks as we pass. 


In the subway, I open the camera on my phone and look around inside, or through the clouded, scratchy windows. 


I'm learning to move around on foot more at walking speed, but the temptation to run is just too great. 


Speaking of running, I'll often put Niko in a track suit and running shoes for a jog around Middle Park on Sundays. 


There's no way I would have had the patience to do do that on my first run-through, though, as I was too curious to see what would happen next in the storyline. 


Zero cars stolen is pretty impressive, and intriguingly subversive in a game named after the act. Good on you. 

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Lance Mayhem



Gotta be honest, I'll take it at regular speed most times (these days, not when I was a youngster in my forties), but if I fail a mission and have to restart, I'll skip ahead. The immersion is already broken at that point. 


EDIT: I see what you mean now.


No, I don't tell them to drive faster. They just crash a lot and often get stuck somewhere. In my experience, telling them to hurry is only good for amusement, not for reaching your destination more quickly. 



Edited by Lance Mayhem
Live to edit, edit to live.
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Respect! I tried doing this on my last playthrough but couldn't resist the driving physics at a certain point. I agree with though that you that the game is designed around this. Maybe not the sole intention but someone there was making sure it was an equally rewarding to do things authentically. My favorite thing is getting drunk and taking a taxi, it feels so right hearing drunk arguments in the backseat of a people movers car.

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Stealing cars and leaving them with the door open in bad neighborhoods at 3AM is my Niko's gimmick. Taking the train is something I do a lot as Luis though. You can always find a base jump or something to do around a station. Taking the train during a friend activity is fun, turn on the cellphone camera and see Little Jacob on the other side of you.

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