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This Game Will Never Be Announced.

Smash Bandicoot

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Smash Bandicoot

GTA is gonna be the next Crash, it will stay dormant for a good while if not forever, I will punch myself in the nose if this game is announced anytime soon.

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"Never" is a little exageration I think. Unless GTA VI is the new Half-Life 3 it will be announced sooner or later.

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Smash Bandicoot
41 minutes ago, Wolfman_ said:



"Never" is a little exageration I think. Unless GTA VI is the new Half-Life 3 it will be announced sooner or later.

AKA: During the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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Calm down, they're withholding the reveal for VI so they don't have to even talk about a PS4-X1 version, so by late 2022 maybe even early 2023 we'll see news regarding it (when next gen is in full swing)

Edited by rjmthe2nd
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I mean, if it's getting hard to wait, why not try a few graphical and map mods for GTA V? I know it won't quite be the same thing as a full on sequel, but it would also be better than nothing.


I guess GTA V was a lot bigger for me than GTA 6 is now, and that's why I'm moderately excited this time around rather than foaming at the mouth for the first trailer. Also, there's so many other games coming out now. In every single genre. I guess I just wanted to see planes and skydiving and tanks in the RAGE, and that's what I got, and I also liked the return to a bright color palette, which is what had me excited. But now there's a sh*t ton of sandbox games, and thus I have a lot more that I care about now.


Plus, there's no way that GTA 6 doesn't exist. We're talking one billion dollars in a weekend levels of profits, and they're just going to give that up in order to keep updating GTA Online for what would undoubtedly be diminishing returns? Like, sure, making individual updates is cheaper, but we're talking a game that cost 250 million dollars and got them billions in a very short amount of time, so even if the next one is 500 million, that could still amount to a massive tidal wave of return profits.


It's just taking a long time to make because of all the crazy stuff they're doing with this tech.

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US Copyright law protects published and unpublished works for 120 years after their creation. The first GTA came out in 1997, so in the year 2117 anyone can legitimately make and sell a GTA6 - whether Rockstar release it by then or not! 😆


Worst case scenario, only 96 years to go guys!


Edited by Volatollotalov
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