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[MoonLoader] AutoSpawn


Recommended Posts


Note: Version 4.0 and above of this mod does not require AutoID.

MoonLoader is the only requirement now.


Note: This mod requires AutoID 2.1 or above.

Although it is highly recommended to always have the latest version.


AutoSpawn is an in-game entity spawner that uses the beautiful mimgui interface. It allows you to access any entity that exists in the game, provided that it has a model ID.



If you have Mod Loader Support for MoonLoader (optional)Put the AutoSpawn folder inside the game directory\modloader folder.

Otherwise: Go to AutoSpawn\moonloader. Put the AutoSpawn.lua file and AutoSpawn folder inside the MoonLoader directory folder.


To use, press F4.





















Google Drive:



Version 4.0 and above of this mod uses a complex function that does not require AutoID.

This mod uses an exported utility of AutoID (point 5). As such, anyone is free to use the code to learn the usage of this utility.

Edited by HzanRsxa2959
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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 2.0:

  • Added a system to display selected entity. It works ok.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 2.1:

  • Fixed the entity-display system not displaying small vehicles.
  • The spawn menu has been moved a little towards the center to prevent graphical bugs in the game menu.
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  • 1 month later...

Update 3.0:

  • Now most of the settings are saved, with an option to reset all.
  • Now the mod actually checks if AutoID installed. If not installed, then it will simply display "AutoID not installed."; Yes, I had forgotten again.
  • Now the entity display system also works inside interiors.
  • Now vehicles have the following text format- :Model_ID: :Display_Name: :CModel_Class: Model_Name
  • Now weapons have the following text format- :Model_ID: :WWeapon_IDModel_Name
  • Some initial code optimizations to increase performance.
  • Now you can hold X to hide the cursor and regain control of the mouse.
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  • 1 month later...

Update 4.0:

1. AutoID is not required anymore. MoonLoader is the only requirement for now.

2. Various performance optimizations.

3. Sensible changes to text formats of all the entities:


Peds- :Model_ID: D:DFF_Name: T:TXD_Name:

Vehicles- :Model_ID: D:DFF_Name: T:TXD_Name: G:Vehicle Name: C:Model_Class:

Weapons- :Model_ID: D:DFF_Name: T:TXD_Name: W:Weapon_ID:

Objects- :Model_ID: D:DFF_Name: T:TXD_Name:

Timed Objects- :Model_ID: D:DFF_Name: T:TXD_Name:

Clump Objects- :Model_ID: D:DFF_Name: T:TXD_Name:


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Update 4.1:

  1. Fixed TXT files being ignored. Now they are also read in addition to IDE files as Mod Loader adds support for them.
  2. Improved the method used to detect the file extension.
  3. Replaced all code dependent on AutoID, making it completely optional.
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