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GTA VCS Is Clearly Not Canon...

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It's confirmed in gta 3:


"An old army buddy of mine runs a business in Rockford"-Ray Machowski about Phil Cassidy

So the only gta that goes against that information is gta vice city which means that gta vice city is not canon not vice city stories.

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Shred N Slash

First off, what do you mean "Diaz does not recognize Lance"? Where doesn't he?

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Smash Bandicoot
9 hours ago, Honker1944 said:

It's confirmed in gta 3:

So the only gta that goes against that information is gta vice city which means that gta vice city is not canon not vice city stories.

Ray isn't even an army officer, WTF are you talking about?

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Rey was in army and served with Phil. This information is based on this quote and the reason it is sincere is that Claude doesn't give a damn if Cassidy is ex-veteran or is not. He cares about $$$. 

Cassidy being an army officer is also confirmed by Martinez. 


So the only game that goes against that information is vice city meaning it is not canon. 

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On 3/16/2021 at 11:47 PM, Smash Bandicoot said:

Oh, and another thing.

-GTA VCS is the only GTA where it's pretty much confirmed Phil was in the army, in every other GTA, it's said that he never fought in the army.

First off, if you did this just to troll as you've been accused of (not this thread per say), good job, you definitely started something lol, but I have to wonder something.


How many series/franchises don't have conflicts? How often do you have the same writer coming up with everything in a series? Even if you did, its easy to lose track of details. There are entire videos made on countless movies about plot holes/ direct conflicts. Its really nice when they get them ironed out, but how often is that? By this logic, almost nothing you ever saw that went past one movie was canon in its given universe, and in some cases, within the first movie.


Currently, all of your charges and practical answers, though on both cases, your left with 'we can't verify this, because R*ckstar wouldn't waste their time answering to every one of these questions. I have to agree with earlier, at the end of the day, what is and isn't cannon is whatever rockstar decides is. Currently, as far as they're concerned, none of it is cannon in GTA V, unless I'm misunderstanding there stance on that.


Lastly- Personally, I'd give a sh*t what is and isn't cannon, in my world its what I want it to be. example - Vegeta killed Majin buu when he blew himself up to save everyone. Nope, that fusion sh*t never happened. <(^o^v)

Think of it like the multiverse theories, each instance is another version of the same reality, you have some measure of control over the one your over. Enjoy.

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Captain Yamamoto
On 3/15/2021 at 2:14 PM, watersgta3 said:

Yeah, they never explained this part. But if I had to guess, then Lance probably made a deal behind Vic's back and Vic was once again forced to clean his moron brother's mess.


Again, I can only assume that Lance made a deal behind Vic's back,

uhhh yea. the last cutscene shows this.

Lance made a deal (with the money he assumedly borrowed from Dias, mentioned in one of his missions) for 20 K's of Coke.

he then tells you its being kept out of town and nobody knows about it. While Vic is pissed, Lance talks him into 'one last score'.


fast forward 2 years, and you get the Forellis making a deal with Cortez. Gonzales tells Dias. and then the opening of VC happens

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On 3/13/2021 at 3:28 PM, Smash Bandicoot said:

-Vice City seems to have progressed somehow forward in architect instead of backward, Marty's neighborhood is wiped clean from GTA VC, there's a pier at the edge of Downtown which has disappeared for no reason at all, there's an entire ferris wheel which isn't in VC, there's multiple dirt roads and buildings seemlessly wiped for absolutely no apparent reason.


-Diaz and Lance have inverted personalities for some reason? Diaz is now this calm, chill dude as opposed to the whiny lunatic from VC, and Lance is now this stupid cocky idiot instead of the chill dude he was in Vice City... well, in Vice City he was cocky, but nowhere NEAR as cocky as in VCS, and if we're going by the logic that cocaine changed Diaz, what about Lance? shouldn't he be a barely functional human being by the time of Vice City?


-The interior of Diaz's mansion looks absolutely NOTHING like in Vice City, like, not even CLOSE.


-In Vice City, Diaz absolutely does not recognize Lance whatsoever and calls him "Quint", quite odd for a person who supposedly according to the lore is destined as f*ck to kill him (atleast according to fans).


-In VCS, Vic is black, in VC, Vic is hispanic... yeah, nothing else to add.


-There's absolutely no reason for Vic to start randomly dealing cocaine after the tragedies and promises he went through in VCS.


-Speaking of which, didn't Vic and Lance leave Vice City for good at the very end of the game?


-Oh, and BTW, pretty much none of the gangs in VC appear in VCS, only exception are the Cuban street gang which are nothing like their VC counterpart, no trace of any Haitians, a new dominant gang called Cholos (Possibly linked to the Vagos), new biker gangs and none of the 2/3 biker gangs from the original make any appearance.


-In VC, the Mendez mansion is now this garbage dump which looks absolutely nothing like the one in VCS and is owned by a completely different gang


-Phil Cassidy seems to have aged... backwards? and now he's somehow managed to be more fit and have more control over his alcohol problems, instead of sounding like this macho man, he now sounds like Gamecube Era Bowser, speaking of Phil...


-VCS retcons the fact that Phil never fought in the army, which was implied by both VC and III.


It's pretty clear a goddamn handheld game made by an obscurer branch of Rockstar isn't canon to anything that happened in the OG PS2 trilogy, I don't know why fans think it's canon, but it's probably something else.





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