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RDO is outstanding experience with RTX 3070!

Gettin up

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Since I got my RTX 3070 Build with i7-10700K it's been a pleasure to play. Performance is awesome with right graphical settings @ 1440p 144hz. I wonder how far one could go with RTX 3080 or 3090 card with 4K.

Might even replay the story at somepoint.

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It's a beautiful game. Too bad their updates screw it up even more every time and it's terribly optimized. I used to be a doubter, but it's terrible. I have a 3060 ti/10700k and the pop in's and shadows are unbearable. Whatever settings you have on now, by the time you get to Rhodes you will drop 30 FPS easy. I've found a mix of Hardware Unboxed, and even some lower settings provide a better experience. Shadows are terrible and overcompensated beyond the High setting. They look like sh*t TBH. And lighting at Ultra looks good, but with that much of a hit on performance the frame time spikes make it unplayable.

The more you play it, the more you notice. And the fact is that even having to go into the .XML file to adjust deepsurfacequality and multiple other settings thanks to Vulkan, is ridiculous and should never happen.

I love the game, I love the story, I never believed how poorly optimized and ported it was for PC until I tried it and now I am on Chapter 4 but sometimes it's just too much. This most recent update really screwed it all up. I could care less about camp members and their comments about my attire ("YOU'LL FREEZE IN THAT!" - while in a 90 degree summer heat) but the rest is just pure negligence on Rockstar's part.

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  • 8 months later...

I can attest. 
The beauty is most of this games treat. 

I play with a 3080 Ti and a 5950x on an 27" 4k monitor. 
100% ultra, and still had to turn on v-sync to prevent tearing. 
(means the framerate is over 60fps most of the time)

Slight drops to low fifties when fastly entering some of the most 
demanding areas but that recoveres in less than an second. 

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