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Niko Bellic Is A Parody Of Nikola Tesla

Smash Bandicoot

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Smash Bandicoot

-Both are Serbian

-Both are named Niko

-Both are heavily tied to Automobiles in some way.

-They both look somewhat alike.

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Tesla cars were only just starting out and not well known when GTA IV came out so the car thing isn't relevant (and the company is only named after Tesla because of his work with electricity, he had nothing to do with cars). And Nikola is just a common Serbian name, so I don't think there's really a link. It's possible that whoever was coming up with the name thought "hmm what's a good Serbian name, oh yeah Nikola Tesla was Serbian, that would be a good name" but that's about it.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Just realised they both moved from Serbia to New York too lol. Maybe there is a link after all 

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Lance Mayhem

I would doubt it, but it can be made to work after the fact, with selective use of some bits of information. So legitimate points for creativity for @Smash Bandicoot. 



My issues: 


Mostly that Nikola Tesla popularized the use of Alternating Current (AC) as an efficient way to transmit electrical power, but electric motors operate on Direct Current (DC). 


That's it. 



Why the theory holds up:


All the other points (taking it on faith that they looked alike). 




A similar theory could be devised to say Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was a parody of Rudolph Diesel (EDIT: a position first advanced by a friend of mine) : 


-The glowing red nose is analogous to the glow plug system of pre-warming a Diesel engine's combustion chambers. 


-The ruminant was excluded from the Reindeer games by the other players as the inventor was from the industry by other contemporary engineers or those involved in the energy resource sector. 


-Both are named Rudolph. 


-Both became associated with the movement of large amounts of cargo over long distances. 





I'm not saying the Tesla / Bellic thing is balderdash / piffle / twaddle, or other words Nero Wolfe might use, since I admire the use of spin in forwarding an hypothesis. And, hey, it's all about fun here on the forums, and this idea is fun. 



Please post more examples of why this works, folks. There could be grant money in this. 

Edited by Lance Mayhem
Credit where credit is due, Tony
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Algonquin Assassin

Photograph of Nikola Tesla, a slender, moustachioed man with a thin face and pointed chin.


I can totally see where Niko gets his resemblance from *sigh*.

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Stupid ass thread...

If they have the same name and the same country, it doesn't mean that it's already a parody

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Please just do what everybody else does and make inane YouTube videos. These comparisons are getting ridiculous.

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