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Can I create PS4 or Xbox One video games using Unity 3D?

JaeDan 101

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Hi there, I'm a video game designer and I'm planning to create a video game series called "OverDrive" (a racing game which is a bit similar to GTA) and I wanted to know if I can create console games using Unity 3D (2019 version). Is it possible?

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Yes you can.

Start here:



You need a $100 (lifetime) developers account if you want to publish/distribute your game. 


You can develop in Unity and play/debug on your Xbox for free though.   I highly encourage that.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work on your xbox.


I'm about to knock out my second xbox game.  :)  Not joking.  Actually have the code sitting behind this window.  I don't use Unity though.  ;)



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  • 3 weeks later...

Nowhere near as easy for PS4.  The Xbox is the only retail console that you can freely switch to a dev unit.  To indie develop for PS4 you have to present Sony with your product and if they like it you can get a PS4 devkit to work on. 

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Yeah, can confirm. You have to be basically a registered dev with Sony to get your hands on a dev kit and software, and they have been pretty hesitant about releasing any of that into private hands. So you might need to register an LLC or some other company. It's not that expensive, but far from free. Expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars to stand up development for PS4 between company registration and dev kit purchase.


The good news, though, is that if you make a Unity game that works on PC and XBox One/Series, you probably won't have too much trouble porting it for PS4/PS5 later. So you can see if you're actually making sales on XBox before committing to PS release.


So don't let this stop you from trying to make a game. Worst case, you'll fail but learn something for the next time. And if you make something good, getting it onto other platforms won't be too hard. So focus on that.

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