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Ps Vita/Steam Water texture problems


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I've been playing and completing Vice City on Ps Vita, wich use the PC Steam files. 


The port is almost perfect, the version to go (if you have a Vita), but I´m having a problem.

The water textures (I mean the ocean\sea) gets extremely pixelated from time to time with no apparent reason. This usually gets solved by reloading the game, but keeps happening within the same gameplay even without spawning any mission or event.

Tried using a moded texture (particle.txd) that immitate the water from the Ps2 version, and while it works, the pixelating keeps happening like with the original.

I may also point that I´m using the files from my legal Steam version, and in that one (on PC) the problem doesn´t seems to spawn, even if I just played a little bit to check it out.

Someone is having the same issue and\or have an idea of how to solve it? Maybe on Pc the problem is present too?85ss373vcwi61.jpg?width=960&format=pjpg&


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