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History,Distant Eyes


Recommended Posts

Distant Eyes


Based on an old and unresolved mystery from GTA 3, I decided to create a short series of stories based on that.


Before I start I will summarize, the mystery comes from distant eyes similar to a colossal creature or monster watching you from afar, if you like reading about mysteries, I recommend giving it a try.


Recalling that it is only a story based, not canonical, and that it breaks this business of universes.


Chapter 1: The Heart of Liberty City


Sometime between the end of 2009 and 2010, a Serbian illegal immigrant, who used to be a very active criminal in the years 2008, is now just driving a taxi, working for his cousin, Roman Bellic, fleeing his old life after the death of his beloved, Niko Bellic, his name, ended his shift late, already more than 2 in the morning, after saving the taxi, decided to go to Algonquin, take a subway, to go out near a Burger Shot 24/7 that he liked , sat in a seat, there was no one on the subway, but he was not surprised, it was too late, and he was lucky that there was a line at this time, poor subway operator, he must be needing to bring money to his family, a man working at 2:00 in the morning in a city where you cross a car thief wearing a gold cord at every corner, Niko was waiting to arrive at his destination, until suddenly the subway stopped, right in a dark area, with some loose threads, the doors suddenly opened, and Niko decided to see how there was the operator, who was no longer there, Niko was already scared, so he decided to walk to his destination, even though he was surprised, he faced death several times, until he saw someone in the distance from a distance, with a strange face, he runs to find out who he is, now unarmed, since he quit the crime, until he hears a mouse-like grunt coming from the man, who turns to him, scaring him, he was wearing a mouse mask, Niko questions him about why that he is in a place like this and why he has this mask, the "mouse-man", removes it, and shows himself to be a very old man, but looking like a mentally ill, he never stopped imitating a mouse, Niko already he was trying to run from there, he thought he was just a crazy beggar, until the man, starts talking, said he was called Darkel, and that in 2001 he had several failed terrorist attacks in Liberty City, who tried to talk to a dumb criminal at that time , but was unsuccessful, and said that Liberty City is the land abandoned by God, and that the hell where Carcer Ci ty sank, is sinking Liberty City, more and more, in a slower and more painful way, said he would rather live on the train, drinking dirty water, and eating rats, which made him become one, so Darkel says to Niko that the end of Liberty City and the State of False Freedom is near, citing that Liberty City is Murphy's law written and practical, a city where nobody cares about anyone, works for their own interests, and is in constant conflict and violence, Darkel finally mentions that in the statue of happiness there is a secret, and tells Niko to go there if he wants to discover that the truth is only one and that in the future there is no salvation, Niko overflows with the helicopter the statue of happiness, until he sees a door in the distance, then he drops the helicopter in the water and jumps with a parachute there, when entering there, Niko sees a huge staircase, he climbs to the end, and is frightened when he separates with a heart giant connected in every statue, suddenly Niko looks down and sees a tall man with brown hair spears, black jacket, green pants and blue sneakers, Niko gets scared, yells asking who it is, but gets no answer, until the man starts climbing the stairs, and scared Niko falls from above, but before reaching the floor, wakes up on top of the tallest building in Liberty City, the clock said noon but it was night ...

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