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Disappearing small animal carcasses

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There is a glitch I've noticed. I'll use fish as an example but it also happens when you have small carcasses like frogs.


I've had 30 sockeye salmon in my satchel before. Once I used up 10 of them the last 20 fish just disappeared from the satchel and they don't show up in the satchel even if I went to the butcher. They just went POOF. If I caught one more then those 20 would show back up in the satchel.


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OH, I've had that happen with just fish (as you say.)


Nothing else, but just fish. Also, there seems to be a glitch where some of them are

"ghosted?" Like I'll see 10 steelhead trout in the satchel, start to break them down but it

suddenly stops and won't let me break more down (even though I'm not full of the succulent fish

parts either.) Then sometimes it will let me highlight them at the butcher and sell, but sometimes not.


Or they just up and "poof", OR I'll still see them but can't interact and then catching more of that

same fish seems to make them work again/or "poof." 


Seems to be a fairly old bug people mention, they had similar things happen:


"Tree  Jun 20, 2020 @ 5:00pm 


Disappearing fish


Is this happening to anyone else? I went to the lake, and I caught 18 steel head trout, and 9 small mouth bass. After a while, back at camp, I opened up my satchel, and started to break down some of the fish. After breaking down 7 steel head, the rest of the trout in the satchel just disappeared. The same thing happened with the bass after breaking down just 3 of them. And it's just the whole fish that disappear. The broken down fish don't vanish. Does anybody have any ideas as to what can be happening? Is this another bug similar to the disappearing animal pelts, or could this be the work of a hacker?"



"ZenAgain  Jun 22, 2020 @ 2:58am  


It is a bug that I have experienced before. Try going to the butcher and see if they are in the inventory window that opens up when you sell to him. Try selling one if so."




"Tree  Jun 23, 2020 @ 4:48am  


I did try go to the butcher. No fish in the bag, and no fish in the butcher menu. I am going to fill out a ticket to Rockstar, for whatever the heck that's worth, because it's driving me crazy. I participated in one of the fishing challenges earlier, and I wound up with like eleven or twelve small mouth bass. I got back to camp and broke down four fish, and the rest of them just disappeared. Before participating in the challenge, I did make sure there were no fish in the satchel. Yesterday I had caught 14 steel head trout. I was able to break down six before the other eight disappeared. And it's not because it's a large amount of fish, because I've tried breaking down just five before, and only came away with three."





WHOAH! I never knew THIS! Stumbled upon it while looking this up....

How to break up the LARGE fish, on your Horse (not in satchel, I just assumed

you could NOT, all this TIME? I'll have to try this when I get home tonight..)



1 year ago


You put the large fish on your horse, mount your horse, open your satchel, go to horse storage tab then break down just like you would a small fish in the materials section of your satchel."




DARN, not sure if these guys were just talking about single player but I could not do this still.

I have no option to break down large fish on the horse looking at cargo, off the horse, or otherwise.


Edited by Krommer
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I've never had any problems as long as I had 20 or less of the fish to begin with. Once I go over 20, that's when they disappear.


So people have reported it and R* hasn't fixed it. Surprise, surprise. Well, at least others have experienced it. It is annoying.

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