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How do you have Trevor, Michael, and Franklin dressed? What modifications did you make to their cars?


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The title is says it all. Also did you add any tattoos or give them a haircut?

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For anyone who is after absolute 100% completion all of the above would have been done.

I fully modified all protagonists' cars (including the wife and daughter of Michael's)

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Mr Philips The Gey

I have Michael in his grey suit and oxfords. Franklin in his shirt from Ponsonboy's formal pants and shoes. And Trevor in his regular dirty white shirt and jogging pants.

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I have Franklin with a goatee and one of the elaborate patterns in his hair. Trevor with the default haircut and either clean shaven or handlebar moustache. Michael either with the longest hair and full beard, or slicked back hair and stubble. 


I very rarely do anything with their clothes because they change them all the time when character switching. But if I do bother it'll be to put Franklin in all green, Trevor in either in a plaid shirt and jeans or tank top and shorts, and Michael either in a fancy sweater and slacks or the Tommy Vercetti looking outfit.


For tattoos I have Franklin with Chop and a lion on his arms, a Families one on the side of his neck and that big "grace and power" one on his back. Trevor with f*ck cops on his stomach and I keep the Michael RIP one on his arm. And Michael with the corny Michael and Amanda one on his arm.


I don't care for car customisation so I just always ridiculously have Franklin's car and bike, Trevor's truck, Michael's car, Amanda's car and Tracey's car done in all-over chrome and give them each a different silly horn sound. 

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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It depends on what I'm in the mood for during each playthrough, but I tend to have the main cars and weapons colored based on that character's color scheme (green for Franklin, blue for Michael and orange for Trevor). Like @billiejoearmstrong8 said, since the trio changes their outfits when switching, I don't bother changing them myself that often (I really wish SP gave you the option of saving a few preset outfit like Online and RDR2).

Edited by NightmanCometh96
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  • 2 weeks later...

Franklin got a big afro, and a trimmed beard. Micheal is just the same as default. And i made Trevor bald, and gave him just the love fist t shirt, and some cargo pants. I dont do too much to the cars, other than tuning them.

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Franklin: White tank-top, black trousers, white sports shoes. / White Buffalo / Black Bike.


Trevor: White T-shirt, black trousers, black boots. / Black Bodhi.


Michael: Black suit. / Black Tailgater.


They only use a combat pistol, a shotgun and a carbine rifle.

Edited by Americana
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I have Michael bald with a goatee and rectangle eyeglasses. People say you can make Max Payne out of him with a thicker beard and sunglasses, but with the combination I use, it's crazy how strong of a resemblance he bears to Walter White/Heisenberg. Makes me wanna wish that Martin Madrazo cartel plot coming to fruition😂

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Cutter De Blanc

I like to dress them based on their archetypes. Michael dresses slick, Franklin dresses like a Gangbanger, and Trevor dresses like hes insane.


I almost never make Michael bald specifically because of the Max Payne comparisons. I want him to look like Michael De Santa not Max Payne.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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  • 2 months later...

I only dress Trevor, because he is only one that stay in same clothes for long time.


Others always switch clothes, enjoy your ride to wardrobe across map...

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Cutter De Blanc
5 minutes ago, Ondr4H said:

I only dress Trevor, because he is only one that stay in same clothes for long time.


Others always switch clothes, enjoy your ride to wardrobe across map...

Hate when Franklin come outta the Strip Club rockin that dorky ass Balla colored purple dress shirt

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