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PSP exclusive content


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We all know that the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has plenty of extra content that wasn't in the original Nintendo DS version, like 6 new radio stations and some extra story and side missions. But, for whatever reason, none of that extra content was carried over to the iOS version, with the exception of the new radio stations. Even when the iOS port was updated in late 2014 with the release of the Android version, the update still didn't include the PSP exclusive missions with Melanie Mallard. The only thing that the mobile versions did, apart from adding the previously PSP exclusive radio stations, is remove the requirement to link the Rockstar Games Social Club account to unlock the Xin Shan missions after collecting the Lions of Fo.


Now, it's not like Melanie contributed much to the game's story or anything, it's just that I think it's weird that her character and her missions are completely omitted from later ports of the game without any sort of explanation. That would be like if War Drum Studios were porting Bully to mobile devices and converted the vanilla PS2 game instead of the enhanced Scholarship Edition, which included extra content (which, thankfully, they didn't go that route). Of course, the GTA IV episodes were originally only available on the Xbox 360 due to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, but they were later released on PlayStation 3 and PC several months later. The question is: why didn't any of the PSP missions make it over to the iOS and Android versions?

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It's quite simple, really. iOS and Android ports were based upon DS version of the game, cause this was the easiest way to have touch screen support and no one really cared about porting PSP stuff into this version, cause it would require to pay someone to do this and we all know, that Take2 doesn't like paying. Besides, phone versions were just quick cash grab and nothing else.


PS. TBH PS2 version of Bully is miles better than broken and buggy Scholarship Edition and I would really like to see proper PC port of that version with cut beta content instead of this broken sh*t we've got with low quality and ear rapey sounds, low quality and boring new missions and few interesting side activities, that were actually nice (music lessons fan here), but those could be just part of mentioned above PS2 to PC port with beta content.

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