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GTA IV battle royale mod with GTA Connected mulitplayer possible to make?


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I was playing a Multi Theft Auto mulitplayer mod called "GTA Battlegrounds" pretty cool server felt nostalgic dropping with the boys grove st something I appreciated has GTA fan playing on the San Andreas map in 2021 Battle Royale

only thing I didn't like about it was the PUBG UI along with character weapons vehicles all modded pubg skins just looked ugly imo should've been GTA themed with vanilla skins weapons etc


My favorite game was GTA IV imagine playing Battle Royale on that map where we dropping boys? Bohan, Alderney Sprunk Factory?


Imagine the ending circle on Happiness Island everyone getting boats or swimming while getting blasted by team already waiting there lol


Why don't FiveM or GTA Connected have Battle Royale but San Andreas community does? 




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Correction on GTA Connected
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*cough* promoting my online modification *cough*


I'm currently working on a new online mode for GTA IV. In this online mode, you will be able to play GTA IV Battle Royale as a game mode ;).

There will be also alot more game modes then just battle royale.


If you are interested, you can join my discord to get more information about gta iv online: https://discord.gg/dthTCRv


About GTA IV Connected:

I'm sure that there will be a Battle Royale Mode in the future :).



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First of all, it's not "GTA IV Connected" ... It's "GTA Connected" or just GTAC for short. GTAC supports more than just IV.

A battle royale mode could easily be scripted once and run on all games supported by GTAC. Obviously there are some minor differences between the games but this is easily worked around. Most common method is using different logic when checking what game the script is running on and also my preferred method: arrays indexed by game ID to store game-specific data like coordinates, vehicle/skin ID's and such.

That being said, I started working on a PUBG-style server but it's been put on hold because I just don't have the time right now. In addition to the RP server I'm scripting, I've also got internal coding to work on for GTAC (I'm one of it's developers) and it's new web services stuff too. All of this with a full-time job too.

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