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Most Wanted bug, targets not spawning


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Has anyone encountered this before? I am having trouble with the Barry Lamora most wanted mission. I go to the spot at the Colony Apartments and at the point where the yellow marker should translate into multiple red markers, instead the yellow marker just disappears. The targets never appear and so there's no one to kill and no way to complete the mission. There's also no way to exit the mission and do anything else as the game is waiting for you to complete the mission, so the only option is to reload the last save. I have tried reloading all my available saves (even going 3 hrs back) and the problem appears in all saves. This is pretty frustrating because I'm 55% into the game and this is going to prevent 100% if I can't fix it. I am playing on PC. I actually own the game on Steam but due to removed music I am playing using the fitgirl repack so I can have all the original music. Is there any way to do a console command that checks off the mission as complete or anything like that?

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Anyone found the solution to this yet?
EDIT: Nevermind, used the steam version and fixed it.

Edited by nonocat6789
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Hi I have the same issue can i upload my save file so one of you can deal with barry lamora for me and please dont insert cheats just deal with him , save and give the file tome

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hey, I have the same issue here and im so sick of it i've tried every possible thing to fix this issue and it didn't so just CAN YOU DO IT FOR ME MERTSAH OR ANYBODY ELSE HAS THE STEAM VERSION PLZ just i'll upload the file for you just do it and give to back no cheating, Thanks.

Edited by Ahmedhilms
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