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Elite Special Operations and Reconnaissance

Im BlackOut

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Elite Special Operations and Reconnaissance[ESOR]



Elite Special Operations and Reconnaissance[ESOR] is an Army Based Milsim on Grand Theft Auto 5 and Xbox. We are one of the original milsims on GTAV and We are looking for new recruits who would like to join. 





Why Join ESOR? 

Enlisting in ESOR will give you real military experience on GTA Online. However, we have made adjustments on how we do certain things because of the game itself. ESOR gives all members the ability to strengthen their skills and leadership ability. We offer Basic leadership Training Course, Advanced Combat Course and many other opportunities to increase your abilities in combat and as a leader. 





ESOR Infrastructure: 


ESOR Structures resemble that of the United States Army with some adjustments. 

Our smallest unit is a Company. A Company is a unit that is made of 10-15 members who are commanded by a Commanding Officer(CO). The CO is normally the Rank of Captain or a 1LT depending on the unit's combat responsibilities. The Company Commanding Officer is in-charge of Training and preparing the Company for Combat as well as Promoting Members within the Company. Each Company has a specific combative role which can be Mechanized Infantry, Armored, Rotary Attacker Pilot, Air to Ground Rotary Pilots and many more. 


2-3 Company's make up a battalion. A Battalion is led by a Colonel as the Commanding Officer and is assisted by an Executive Officer(XO). The Battalion CO and XO are responsible for Supervising the Companies and ensuring the Army Values and Standards are being implemented. Battalion COs have many more responsibilities along with that. 





Age: 14 or Older

- If you Younger But Mature, adjustments can be made.

Working Xbox Headset

Discord Communication App

70+ GTA Online Rank


Additional Information:

We have European Members and North American Members.



If you are interested in joining Simply Join the Link Below to begin the Enlistment Process.


ESOR Recruitment Server

ESOR Social Club Link






Edited by Im BlackOut
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your thread, as per the Crew Forum Rules.


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