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Let's see what side missions can be done at 2.6% completion...


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Just started a new game, after finishing Franklin and Lamar I stole a jet from military base, explored the entire map and just started doing the knife flights challenges. Let's see how far I can go with side missions at 2.6%.

Edited by hitman989
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Not too many, as some are being unlocked with beating story missions. Findables are things that come to my mind right now.

Edited by kubon352
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Completed 8 knife flights and 25 under the bridge.

The letter scraps did not spawn nor the Patrick  McReary random event. They probably need to wait until Michael comes into the picture.

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  • 3 weeks later...

-You can rob the convenience stores. 
-You can do Taxi Missions. 
-You can go to the strip club. All of the strippers unlock, and the doorman greets you enthusiastically if you spend enough time and money there. 
-Knife Flights can be completed. 
-Under the Bridges can be completed. 
-Stunt Jumps can be completed. 
-Stunt Plane challenges can be completed. 
-You can complete the Children of the Mountain online and get the t-shirt if you have all the money and do it in rapid succession at once. Otherwise, it rolls you back, not allowing completion and you waste money. 
-You can max all skills, save special. 
-Ammunation shooting range can be completed and all golds received. 
-You can mod vehicles/use the Pay & Spray service. 
-You can get a haircut. 
-You can purchase clothing and sunglasses at Ammunation. 
-You can ride the rollercoaster/Ferris Wheel. 
-You can ride the Gondola to the top of Mt Chiliad. 

-You can get your car washed. 
-You can watch movies, specifically the British and Italian films. 
-You can watch TV. 

-You can sleep with prostitutes and take some of the strippers home and sleep with them when their like meter is filled. 
-You can go scuba diving if you grab a boat from Elysian Island. (Great way to fill your lung and stamina meters)


I’m probably missing something, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. And one last thing of interest is that I’ve noticed Franklin spends $20/mo for staying at his Aunt’s house. 

Hope this helps.  

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On 2/25/2021 at 10:16 AM, hitman989 said:

Completed 8 knife flights and 25 under the bridge.

The letter scraps did not spawn nor the Patrick  McReary random event. They probably need to wait until Michael comes into the picture.


Random events get enabled by doing the first Tonya mission

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  • 2 weeks later...

A couple things I forgot are:


-Taking a ride in a taxi

-Calling Liz up and adding her as a booty call (611-555-0126). She gets released as a booty call during the taxi side missions, but if you call her number prior to, she’ll jump on Franklin’s d. 

One side note is that I looked at the $80 Franklin has spent on property and verified two things. One, is it takes longer than one month to pay for whatever he pays for, so I was incorrect on that. Secondly there are zero changes to his Aunt’s house inside or outside from this save to a new game save. So while I assumed he was paying rent, I can’t say that for fact. I’ve no clue where that money goes or what it’s for... It does, however, appear to deduct within a timeline as $20 payments...



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