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Jetpack Downgrader


Recommended Posts

Jetpack Downgrader | Download | GitHub




App for downgrading the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to version 1.0


System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Additional: .NET Framework 4.8



  • Zalexanninev15 - programmer and creator (profile on this forum, I come once a week)
  • Vadim M. - consultant



  • As simple as possible interaction (default). Specify the folder and answer the questions - you can easily get version 1.0 with the necessary parameters
  • The ability to fine-tune the downgrading process, the Jetpack Downgrader itself, and some other aspects
  • Using delta patches that weigh significantly less than the files from the game version 1.0
  • Smart checking for different versions and other aspects that will help you perform downgrades, in many cases, successfully
  • Easy integration of the application as a separate component in your project
  • Display process of downgrade and maximum speed of operations


Supported versions

  • 1.0 [exe only] (if Forced=true)
  • 1.01 [exe only] 
  • 2.0 [fully supported]
  • Steam [fully supported]
  • Rockstar Games Launcher [fully supported]

Only licensed versions of the game are supported, work on pirated builds is not guaranteed and will never be added!!!


Usage and configuration

  1. Run jpd.exe and select the folder with the game (if SelectFolder=true)
  2. Answer the questions (if UseMsg=true) and wait for the end of the work...


Settings in jpd.ini

In jpd.ini, you can specify the settings for this application, it is not recommended to change anything if you don't know exactly what each setting is responsible for and what its values and results are!!! It is important to remember that settings are always more important than the answer you have chosen (if UseMsg=true)



  • CreateBackups - creating backups ([full file name] + .bak) of original files before downgrading them
  • CreateShortcut - creating a shortcut to a file gta_sa.exe on the desktop (only after a successful downgrade)
  • ResetGame - remove the game configuration file - gta-sa.set for prevents crash (after getting game version)
  • GarbageCleaning - remove unneeded files (index.bin and MTLX.dll) from the Rockstar Games Launcher version of the game (after getting game version). These files are not used in the game version 1.0
  • RegisterGamePath - add entries to the registry so that the game is better recognized by mods and programs (e.g.: launchers, SAMP and other projects) (only after a successful downgrade)
  • CreateNewGamePath - make a copy of the game folder ([folder name] + _Downgraded) to prevent accidental updates to the game (after MD5-scan). It is highly recommended to enable it for the Steam/Rockstar Games Launcher versions of the game!!!
  • Forced - force the app to continue running even if EXE file are already use from the game version 1.0 (MD5). Downgrader will only work with the EXE file, the rest of the game files will just be checked, so they must be original. For non-1.0 versions, only the EXE file will be patched
  • EnableDirectPlay - enable the Windows DirectPlay component to run the game on Windows 10 (after getting game version)
  • InstallDirectX - install additional DirectX files to run the game (after getting game version)



  • SelectFolder - using UI for select the folder with the game (path using Copmonent=true, overwritten to a new one)
  • ConsoleTransparency - use transparency for the console
  • UseMsg - use Windows message boxes to notify you when you select an action, as well as to show a positive result of the application's performance. This setting can take values instead of (or have no effect on) the settings: CreateBackups, CreateShortcut, ResetGame, GarbageCleaning, RegisterGamePath, CreateNewGamePath, Forced , EnableDirectPlay , InstallDirectX
  • UseProgressBar - use the progress bar to indicate the progress of each of the downgrader stages. During operation, all logs of the current stage of work are ignored!!!
  • Component - this setting is only necessary if you decide to use Jetpack Downgrader in your projects (this setting will help you skip the UI (in console) and removes the waiting for input after the processes in the app are completed). This setting adds the ability to specify the path to the game folder as a parameter for launching the application

Example for CMD:

jpd "E:\Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas"



  • GameVersion - get only the game version (can be used with the settings ResetGame, GarbageCleaning, EnableDirectPlay, InstallDirectX)
  • NextCheckFiles - get only the game version and check files (only those that are used for downgrading)
  • NextCheckFilesAndCheckMD5 - the same as NextCheckFiles, but it also scan files by MD5 and reveals which files are used from the game version 1.0 (information will only be visible if UseProgressBar=false)
Edited by Godovs
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Does it work with both US and EU versions of 2.0?

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1 hour ago, Sneed said:

Does it work with both US and EU versions of 2.0?

Works with the US and EU. But here you need to check, because the project is in active development.

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Released a small update 1.10.1 Beta! | Download


- Now you don't need to download archive with patches, you can only download the updated application and the main files

- Improved the definition of game version 1.0
- Minor edits
- Removed unnecessary dependencies
- Removed unused code


Edited by Godovs
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Posted (edited)
On 2/28/2021 at 7:06 AM, StuntGames said:



Good luck.

Choose a folder and answer the questions - done! Downgrade is completed.jUuromg.png

Edited by Godovs
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  • 1 month later...
Posted (edited)

Release of the new version and the first stable 1.11!


  • Downgrader has become more intelligent, now the application does not do what is required of it
  • Added 2 new settings, 1 setting is renamed
  • Added a reference to the license and link to the repository
  • Updated the game folder selection dialog
  • Improved removal of game settings
  • Optimization and performance improvements
  • Minor improvements for other developers (if Component=true and SelectFolder=false)
  • Other improvements

Download: https://github.com/Zalexanninev15/Jetpack-Downgrader/releases/download/1.11.6/JPD.zip

Download as update (size is much smaller): https://github.com/Zalexanninev15/Jetpack-Downgrader/releases/download/1.11.6/JPD_update.zip


Edited by Godovs
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  • 1 month later...
Posted (edited)

Version 1.12.2 [Console only] (Beta)


  • Added text color coloring in the app console depending on the current action
  • Added outputs of the path to the game folder
  • If file with settings (jpd.ini) is not found, it will be created automatically with the default values
  • Folder with DirectX is not deleted, which allows you not to download the installer again when you re-use the downgrader
  • Code improvements
  • Fixed text color detection when launching the app (especially noticeable on a light background)
  • Fixed some other bugs

Download as update: https://github.com/Zalexanninev15/Jetpack-Downgrader/releases/download/1.12.2_dev_3-2/JPD_update.zip

Edited by Godovs
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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

Version 1.12.4 | First version with GUI 🥂 (Beta)


  • Added GUI (Final Alpha version)
  • 1 change in the patch file
  • Changed the download link to the DirectX installer
  • Changed the project name in the code


Edited by Godovs
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