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Problem with random crashes and freezes


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Hello, I have a big problem with random crashes and freezes at GTA IV, GTA IV Complete Edition and also in GTA V. I recorded video on my Youtube channel about this problem, and I didnt have this problem on my laptop before, even in GTA V. Any help will be appreciated.

My PC specifications are: processor: Intel Celeron N4000 (1.10 GHz, Turboboost to 2.60 GHz)
                                           graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 600 (VRAM 1959 MB)
                                           4 GB RAM
                                           Windows 10 Home 64bit

Here is the video:  


Edited by StevieMadTV
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This is not a crash - the freezes you are experiencing are due to your PC barely meeting minimum requirements. Install MSI afterburner and monitor your CPU temperature as it seems to endure heavy throttling.

Remember that Intel UHD Graphics 600 borrows VRAM from overall system RAM. Basically what I found is that on PCs with 4 gb of RAM or less you should experiment with VRAM allocation and limit it (-availablevidmem 0.96 works for my 3 gb RAM PC) so as not to give the game too much VRAM and leave enough RAM for game process itself to avoid pagefile swapping.

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So I must create commandline with -availablevidmem, and experiment with it? And what about page file? Should I disable it or keep it on setting that automatically it will be allocated? Thanks for your answer anyway :)


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9 hours ago, StevieMadTV said:

So I must create commandline with -availablevidmem, and experiment with it? And what about page file?


Yes, file commandline.txt. Read here for UHD tips 

Do not disable your pagefile. You may manually configure its min and max size, 6gb should be enough.


Monitor your CPU clock and temperature in Afterburner overlay and look for sudden core clock drops e.g. throttling. You may try Speedfan tip here 


Also monitor your RAM utilization. You may try setting -memrestrict ... and -noprecache


And in general you may get better performance by downgrading to https://ant-sh.blogspot.com/2020/09/easy-downgrade-gta-iv-to-1040.html



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