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(PC) Danish or scandinavian players wanted for occasional or permanent posse memberships.


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We are three members of the same family, who plays RDO when work and time permits. We all have our own posse, and are all members of each others posses - So when we have the opportunity to play together, we posse up, and help delivering trader goods, making supply runs, and whatever the day brings .. (We are currently Rank 113, 85 and 139)


It could be fun to be more than us three - To be able to hit harder, when we are attacked, or doing PvP ..


We do not demand anyone to be permanent members - occasional or a kind of associated members are also welcome ..


It would be nice if you are good at PvP (or becomes good over time) As I'm not much of a PvP'er, and always drives the wagons (and get the first shot in the head) So it's basically players who are interested in PvP, or want's to become good at it, that would be preferred - My two sons are pretty good at it, and can maybe give some tricks away to those who needs to get better at it.


You are more than welcome to have your own permanent posse, or make one - and we will of course provide escort to your trader deliveries, and try to help fight off griefers and bullys if necessary..


We mostly play when we can after 20.00 until 23.00 on week days - and whenever we can in the weekend (not specific) - And this is Central European Time (CET) The same as (GMT+1)


We are looking for Danish or Scandinavian players, mostly because of the language similarity - Hard to sit and speak english, when you are not using it on daily basis ..


But we may be open to English speaking players, if you are willing to accept that we speak danish to each other, and english to you .. Not everybody would think this is cool, when you don't know what we are saying ..


What's in it for you ? .. Up to three trader deliveries (on a good day) that is about 1000 RDO$ for helping as guard - and a lot of XP .. Free to do whatever you like, when not guarding wagon runs - or stay in one of our posses, where we do our side roles as bounty hunters, collectors, moonshiners and naturalist (if we not are getting sprayed) and to come play when you can or feel for it - no obligation ..


Every age, gender and ethnicity is welcomy to apply - very young players must be prepared for an adult group, that sometimes has a certain vocabulary (so dont be offended easily - thats my job) And if you behave as a child, dont apply - we are childish enough ourselves ..


We are trying with one or two at the beginning, to see how it will turn out - and maybe up to four, if things goes well (and maybe a couple of replacement members, to fill in for those who are absent)


Send me a PM if interested - and feel free to ask, if something has to be elaborated..


PS: We use TeamSpeak - you will be provided with a server name eventually, if you are accepted .. But we will start with the ingame voice system - so mic is required ..



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  • 2 months later...

Jeg kommer fra ps4 til PC og vil da gerne joine jer kunne været fedt ikke at skulle snakke engelsk altid

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