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Gta Underground Crashes On Supply Lines Mission


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15 hours ago, MEHMEToyunda78 said:

Everytime I Finish This Mission It Crashes On Mission Passed Screen Is There Any Solution Fot That?

What do you mean by "the mission"? 

Aaaaaaanyway, here are some steps to overcome some known mission crashes. 


For those who are having problems passing Flying school's "Destroy Targets": You can still pass the lesson by using rockets only, for some reason using the machine gun will crash the game after completing the lesson, so use only the rockets (LALT) to destroy the targets to avoid a game crash.


For those who are having problems passing the mission "Vertical Bird": Use the following strat to successfully pass it without any crashes:


1. Do the mission normally until the part where you steal the jet.

2. Get rid of the enemy jets so you won't be interrupted.

3. Land on the green X (make sure you land sideways so your hydra won't roll down the hill and explode)

4. Take position on the ridge (right near the green X) and destroy the spy ships in the following sequence from 1 to 4. (use a long ranged weapon like the m4 or sniper) Don't take the trail down, just stay on the ridge and shoot the ships from there.

5. Once all the spy ships are destroyed, get back into the jet and finish the mission normally. 



For those who are having problems passing the mission "Up, Up and Away!": Use the following strat to successfully pass it without any crashes:


1. Start and progress the mission normally until you destroy the enemy gunships.

2. Get in the helicopter and fly above the sea. Use the route shown in the attached picture (red line).

3. DON'T TOUCH the winch controls at all (by default NUM2 and NUM8)

4. Once you picked up the truck, fly it directly to the airstrip and finish the mission.

5. Remember not to touch the winch controls at all times.



Hope this helps!

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