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Iron Norsemen MC


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                Iron Norsemen MC






INMC Website:Home | Iron Norsemen MC (wixsite.com)




We are the Iron Norsemen MC. We are a Motorcycle Club based crew within the GTA Online Xbox one community. The president and founder of the INMC brings real MC experience to the organization and was a member in a very popular male fraternity group that we will just not mention within this text due to all the cancel Karens that may be lurking in the shadows. Although many may feel that the Iron Norsemen MC is just yet another MC entering the ranks of the GTA Online community, however this MC brings forth the originality and respect that this MC community today is lacking. In 2013 the president of the INMC created one of GTA Onlines first xbox 360 1% MC crews which became very successful due to its originiality and their unique ways of handling business. This club was known as the Kentucky Natives MC. The Kymc was without a shadow of a doubt a group of men who helped pave the way for the MC up and comers wihin the community. Haven't heard of the KYMC? Great, we never wanted to be Youtube famous and couldnt  care less what STRANGERS thought. The KYMC was the Most Popular and Most Viewed crew showcase on GTAVCrews.com which was to many a place to retreat and gather ideas to make their own Motorcycle Club based crew. Prove to me the KYMC did not help influence the Gta MC community in which might I add everyone and their mother seems to have an MC nowadays and I'll gladly redact my statement. Now the Iron Norsemen MC will help recover the integrity of the TRUE traditional Virtual MC community.



Support Your Local INMC

If you would like to learn more about us we would recommend you contact a INMC full patched brother so he can SHOW you. This contact information will be listed at the bottom. Any disclosure of our TRUE values and STRENGTH will never find its way online to be copied by the masses. We will leave behind however a list of requirements for individuals wishing to be a part of this ever growing brotherhood to meet before reaching out. 

  • Have a Mic
  • 18 or older!
  • Be properly vetted via several different stages of in game probation.
  • Must fully respect all high ranking members within the club, these men have earned their keep you have not.
  • Biological Males only

In closing gentlemen, what we are building here is a virtual brotherhood. A place where men can gather, raise hell and enjoy a break from all of realities stresses. Never reach out to the INMC with the attitude "Well what can you do for me?" your attitude needs to be "What can you! Do for the INMC" We will never have our members jump through childish hurdles or have a certain in game statistic. Instead all the INMC asks is that you are a loyal REAL LIFE individual who is willing to help grow and strengthen this brotherhood.  




**The 1%er standards in which 99% of you basement dwelling try hard sweat lords are instilling into this community is quite comical and far from acceptable under INMC standards. We bring REAL MC experience to the fantasy realms of this virtual reality and we will abide by OUR standards and OURS alone! Any REAL Outlaw Motorcycle Club could tell you the same, in past events OUTLAW MC's have utilized any and all forms of warfare in order to take care of business and ensure very few brothers are lost. We will uphold these standards with the utmost devotion and stand loyal to our brothers and this code. We will not use weoponized or armored vehicles however we can ensure you that if you roll on one of our own with numbers stacked against them...our brothers will uphold club standards and come out as victor. IF IT IS A FORM OF DESTRUCTION, ANY FORM! USED BY REAL OUTLAW MC's IN THE PAST, well then gentlemen I will proudly say that our brothers will utilize these resources with the utmost devotion. We fly our colors and patch proudly. Countless times have we heard the nagging of players who claim they know what real 1%ers standards are especially within a fantasy world, so let us be very clear and express once more F**K YOUR STANDARDS and F**K YOUR DIAMOND!. These patches are worn by our brothers and is a direct representation of the NEW MC community standard. If you are part of an MC that has the 3 patches combined as we do without ever having a sitdown your club along with all if its members will be placed on our Unworthy MC page. You will then officially declare your so called 99%er identity within your cherished standardized MC fantasy land for not knowing what a "Sitdown" is or any true governed system. There is a respect value within the outlaw MC world men, but it does NOT! come in the form of telling a true OUTLAW what he can and cannot do. Welcome to the rebuild gentlemen, the INMC is here to fix your broken and confused community!**



Platform: Xbox One only....So far

Social Club: Support Your Local INMC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/syl_ironnorsemanmc/wall

President/Founder Gamertag: Bargo144

INMC Website: Home | Iron Norsemen MC (wixsite.com)

Iron Norsemen MC Blog: https://ironnorsemanmc.wixsite.com/inmc/blog





Motorcycle Clubs Unworthy of INMC Respect will be listed below....


Edited by IronNorsemenMC
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