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[Xbox One and Series X/S] Heist Crew Looking for More


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There seems to be a lack of solid crews for XBox that actually farm heists. I rather find a handful of quality people to play with than a crew of 1,000 members who have no focus.


Be chill, but be serious about running heists each day. Party chat required, but eat your food/gum when not in game. This is a crew to make money and buy cool stuff, not to grief or spend all day looking to PvP.


Have Diamond Casino Heist on farm, can easily be farmed more than once per day. With 4 consistent players we will also run through all the Apartment Heists. If you have a sub for the Cayo Perico Heist, even better.



Voice comms will be 18+, don't join the crew if that's a problem.


No arguing, fighting or otherwise being a jerk.


Share your experience but be willing to work with others.


Joining Heists to make money will require you to be putting in the time to set up your own heists.

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Myself and 1 other person are consistently running 2 Casino Heists every day. Looking to add at least 1 more person to expand this to 3 heists per day. Can get you trained quickly and fill that bank account.


Must already own the proper Arcade, Videogedden, near the Casino for efficient heist prep. You will be expected to take money earned form heists and invest it in the proper properties/vehicles so that you can do the majority of your heist prep solo. (Nightshark, Buzzard, Terrobyte, Oppressor). With 3 heists on farm daily, you can expect nearly $2 Million in daily income.


Heist leader, myself, also has all required properties and vehicles to expand into the Cayo Perico Heist.

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