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Why Doesn't Primary + Secondary Loot Add Up In the Finale?

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I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if it's intentional, but I have noticed that during the Finale, my Secondary Loot Bag + Office Safe Contents add up consistently. But the moment you collect the Primary loot and it adds to the tally, it's off by over $100K. At first I thought this was Pavel's cut, except he takes it in the end of the heist, off what you have in total. So, in essence, it seems like you lose cash when you collect the Primary Loot and you also pay Pavel his cut. Yet, I can't find anything to account for the loss in your Primary + Secondary Loots.

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Already being discussed here - 


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Looks like the in-mission counter forgets to account for hard mode.

Target: Pink diamond. I got into the basement with full bags, screenshotted my take before and after grabbing the diamond. It gave me 1,3 million on the counter.

counter before primary: 452,916

counter after primary: 1,752,916






However, take a look at the final image.

My take + Pavel's take + fencing fee is 1,656,970 + 37,658 + 188,282 = 1,882,920, which would account for the missing 130k for having it on hard mode.





Edited by AirWolf359
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@sivispacem, actually that is a different, but related topic. That thread is talking about the Potential Take, which is the cumulative value of ALL scoped loot + Primary loot. That I understand completely, since you only have a small amount of space for the secondary loot. What I am talking about is different. Here, let me put it this way:


My Primary loot is valued in the heist screen at, say $1.45 Million, since I have a Pink Diamond. I start the Finale, and pick up, say two cokes, totaling up to about $450K (rounded up a little) and then, say, I get $100K from Rubio's office safe This adds up, as it should, to $550K. So we're okay so far. Then I get into the basement and grab the  Diamond, supposed to be valued at the aforementioned $1.45K ($1,450,000.00) This should add up to $1,450,000 + $550,000 = $2Million stuffed into my Primary + Secondary loot bags. But it NEVER does. It ends up being somewhere around $1.8Million. Note: this is before the end, where Pavel takes his cut. So I lose about $200K just putting the primary + secondary loot into the bag, since it doesn't add up. And then, on top of that, Pavel also takes his fencing fee at the end.


See my point?



Edit: Ah, just saw @AirWolf359's post. He summed it up visually. 👍

Edited by ChiroVette
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