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If GTA III was made today, would it be the best GTA game?


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Using current technologies and techniques (meaning also bikes, helicopters, jumping off the car while driving etc and etc), today rockstar is a lot bigger (maybe not better) than it was in 2001, more money and personel would be used in the development.


Can you imagine claude speaking? Fully functional dodo and Ray Tracing...






Edited by Netuno_
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Assuming Vice City came out first, before GTA 3, then the answer would be no. Even regarding the console versions or PC. When GTA 3 came out, it was revolutionary and changed the way you could play in 3D open environments. Sure, it wasn't THE first game to do it, but it was placed in a fictional, yet slightly real, version of NYC. The game was fun back in its hay day, but today is nothing short of outdated. Not to say it's so outdated you wouldn't play it, but it has it's own issues in missions and in storytelling, which can't keep newer players invested in for very long. If you can see past it's flaws, it's definitely a great game, not as amazing as Vice City or San Andreas, but the atmosphere is there. A dark and gloomy version of NYC, with mafia gangs reaching far and wide, from the Leone family to the South Side Hoods. And while GTA 3 isn't my favorite, I definitely enjoyed the experience.

So why would it not work today? Assuming GTA 3 would be GTA 6, it not only would be a letdown, but a total disappointment. I would go as far to say that GTA 4 is a reboot of GTA 3 and is way more expansive than GTA 3 ever was. So for GTA 3 to come out today and feel barebones, but also like a product of Vice City and San Andreas, the game would be kind of slept on. I can see some players having fun, assuming GTA 3 fixes it's issues, it would probably be a more solid game than it is today. But the sales for the game would probably make Rockstar not take another risk with the kind of gameplay the old 3D GTA's had.

Perhaps I'm thinking too pessimistic about GTA 3, It doesn't get as much love as the newer ones from what I've seen. And that kind of makes me sad because the game isn't total rubbish, it has redeeming qualities about it. I think even in an alternative case scenario where Vice City came out first, then GTA 3, it would still be frowned upon for not expanding enough. Realistically GTA 3 carries a title for "being the first GTA game to go 3D", if it didn't have that title, nobody would give it a second glance.

Hopefully someone in the comments section can provide more positivity than I could, maybe even correct me, cause I would love for this game to be seen MORE AS it should be.

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JaeDan 101

If GTA III was made today I imagine that Claude will have an affiliation with Niko

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1 hour ago, JaeDan 101 said:

If GTA III was made today I imagine that Claude will have an affiliation with Niko


GAME THEORY: GTA 3 takes place in an alternate timeline where Niko gets shot in the throat, goes to a smaller Liberty City, and changes his appearance and name SUBSCRIBE AND SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON

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15 hours ago, universetwisters said:


GAME THEORY: GTA 3 takes place in an alternate timeline where Niko gets shot in the throat, goes to a smaller Liberty City, and changes his appearance and name SUBSCRIBE AND SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON


"His surname may or may not be Bellic"

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GTA 3 might as well  of had ray-tracing etc when it was first released they way I reacted to it. 

It was mindblowing in 2001.

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If Grand Theft Auto III was made today it would be Grand Theft Auto IV, so... yeah. It would be the best Grand Theft Auto game.

Edited by Americana
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I love GTA 3 and it's a huge part of my childhood as it's the game that introduced me to the series and it was mindblowing for it's time.

But nowdays it would have been pretty lackluster,great game with the improvements you mentioned but:


  • The game would lack content
  • 3D universe Liberty City is considered tiny nowdays
  • Vice City,San Andreas,GTA IV and GTA V are objectively better games
  • And if it was released today,i think LCS,VCS and even Chinatown Wars would be ranked higher than GTA 3,as they have way more content and a more interesting storyline than 3.


So no,it would be ranked way lower than the original game

ON THE OTHER HAND,it would have been a great DLC,not a full game tho.


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If GTA 3 was made to-day... It'd be pretty bad. Insanely popular, but incredibly bad compared to the original.


The missions would be made very easy, but the 100% completion would require some mundane tasks e.g. collect 1000 heart-shaped rocks. The rocks would be placed on the seabed, atop of the skyscrapers and in people's homes (in sinks, shoes, mugs). You'd get no reward for 100%.


Only a small selection of missions would be available in single player. To play all of them you would have to purchase a DLC and then purchase 4-5 versions for other platforms.


Claude would talk and have a half-assed "personality", contradicting himself at times. Possibly annoying traits or accent too.


It would be set in 2016 pretending that it's 2021. Brace yourselves for "Thanks, Obama!" jokes.


Radio would suck big time. It would be all cheap pop songs from unknown artists that have no cultural value. To counterbalance this, there would be a Lazlow show which would suck a little less.


The game would require constant internet connection, 3 different passwords to launch and 200 Gb disc space. Despite that, the game would be as boring as it would be detailed.


There would be only one save house, probably on the edge of the map with no garage.


Have  I just described my expectations of GTA 6? Yes, I have.

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Adrian J.

If it was made as new today who knows, if perhaps a full remake like Mafia and if done right with R* expertise I would buy it.

Making it now with safe house interiors, more interiors in general. Clothing, car modifications, few more cars, fully working plane, helicopters. All the original content including RC, vehicle missions and all that, making trains run both ways and making stations on both sides, buying properties, open the tunnel and make use of the mountains in Shoreside.

I'd say that would be a great game.

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