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My idea of gaming console parody that an 80s Gta could have

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I know this isn't exactly an important topic, but It's just a head canon I made for fun 


The Kaihatsu Video Console, Kaihatsu in the Gta universe is a Japanese Video Game company that act as a parody of Nintendo which is hinted at due to their logo being similar and also happening to be Japanese, The Kaihatsu Video Console acts as a parody of the Nintendo Entertainment System


The Kaihatsu Video Console launched in Christmas of 1984 and saved the gaming industry after dealing with significant blows in 1983 and most of 1984 after many failed ports of arcade games and various copycats of the Degenatron which was a very popular console since it's launch in 1977, One game was so bad all the remaining copies were destroyed or buried in the desert, Arcades remained popular but home consoles seemed like they were on the way out as gaming computers became more popular way of playing games at home, The KVC originally launched in Japan in 1982 as The Game Computer Family Time, the Japanese model was smaller. The Kaihatsu Video Console launched with a Gun that could be used for some of the games and a Plastic Small Robot called B.O.T that functioned as a second player which came with a special kit that was only compatible for 1 game and was overall very useless and slow in doing it's tasks and was phased out by the following year, The games at launch were Bird Killer a game where you shoot at birds while an obnoxious dog taunts you, Lab Madness a game where you have the robot help you escape from a lab of insane monsters while you control a scientist, and Plumber Cousins a platformer where you go through psychedelic landscapes while trying to save your wife from an Evil Dragon, Plumber Cousins and Bird Killer ended up being the most popular of the games and the console launch was a success and so Kaihatsu would dominant for years to come without many rivals, by 1987 everyone had a KVC. As the years went by several add ons came for the KVC, such as a running pad that was compatible with games that involved running and was a good way to tire yourself out within 1 minute, The Hero Glove which acted as a controller but a glove and it never worked, The list of accessories and add ons could go on and on


Kaihatsu launched and created the Exsorbeo in 1986 as their second Hand Held console after slight success of their first hand held Plug and See which was released in 1982 in North America, The Exsorbeo was a immediate success and wouldn't be discontinued until 1999 which was 3 years after the Exsorbeo Bright was released which had games in color and also happened to be when Facade took the rights of the Exsorbeo name therefore Kaihatsu could no longer use the Exsorbeo name although the Exsorbeo Bright was able to keep it's name as well as the original Exsorbeo, Kaihatsu's fourth handheld console was the Kaihatsu Ex and was released in 2000. The tech company Facade entered the console market and launched their first console in 2000 which was the Exsorbeo Millennium which was released the same day as the Toshi 2k and the Kaihatsu GameBox


During Kaihatsu's reign in the mid to late 80s, there was another Japanese company called AKEDO which had created it's own 8 bit system in 1985 which was the AKEDO Ultimate System, the console didn't do nearly as well as The KVC and there wasn't much of a rivalry 


That changed in 1988, but that's a story for another time

Edited by RamsaySaint77
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