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Extremely frustrating disappearing quest marker bug causing continuity errors


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I am playing RDR2 on PC and for reasons I don't understand whenever I complete a quest mission (It doesn't seem to matter if it is a side or main quest mission) all of the other green quest missions disappear from the map, if I go to the areas where a quest is due to start there is nothing there or the characters are just idling about as if there is no quest.


When either I sleep or reload a save they come back, however as soon as I finish one quest they all disappear again. I have searched and searched and i've found no one who has had this issue, can anyone help me with this?


It's not game breaking but it is incredibly frustrating to have to constantly reload saves just to progress the story and is breaking the immersion.. not to mention causing glaring continuity goofs such as when I was at the end of Chapter 3, had just finished the gunfight in Rhodes where Sean dies, only to return to camp and find Sean sat by the fire calling me an English eedjet for not sitting down by the fire... I literally just saw his brains get blown out.


This problem never happens in Chapter 1 though on every playthrough I have done it usually starts happening between Chapter 2 and 3. I managed one playthrough where I got through the whole game before it started happening and I thought it fixed though in my next new game it started happening again for no apparent reason.


I removed the mods I was using though I had them installed before the problem started, other than that I have the Rampage Trainer though again I had that long before any of this started and it's not listed as a bug for it. This seemed to start happening about the time there was an RD:O update, about the same time the volume started getting put extremely low on start up. I don't play RDO this is all in Story mode.


Any ideas?

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