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Educate me on the purpose of "The Deal"


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Thinking about it, I see completely no purpose in The Deal aside from it being an option for the sake of replay value. It makes no sense neither dramatically nor practically. At that point in the story, we know Niko too well, we know that he's too principled to work for a man he hates with every fiber of his being. There is also no material incentive to do it as both Niko and the player have more money than they know how to spend(literally lol), so what's at stake, really? It's a real bummer because I love the depressing aftermath of the ending, all those horrible phone calls, and the smell of sadness in the air... Suits the story very well. What I would have loved to see them do is somehow cease all the money we have before forcing us to make the ultimate choice, so that we have at least something to worry about in both cases.

Don't know, maybe I'm missing something. What do you think?

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As someone who almost always picks the Revenge ending, I think the idea behind The Deal (from a thematic/narrative standpoint) is that choosing to work with Dimitri again represents Niko's willingness to put his past behind him after his encounter with Darko. While I see where the writers were coming from, the execution falls a bit flat to me personally; I just don't think Niko would be willing to trust a man who has previously betrayed him and put his and Roman's lives in jeopardy, regardless of the money at stake.


EDIT: Looking back, while I think getting revenge is a little too extreme for Niko's character at that point in the story, I can still see him choosing simply not to work with Dimitri again based on his prior experiences. I'd like to think he goes through with killing Dimitri in the Revenge ending more out of taking precautions to keep his family safe rather than just vengeance, but that's how I rationalize it.


I will say that The Deal is a more fitting/effective ending thematically, even if I don't necessarily think Niko would make that choice.

Edited by NightmanCometh96
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Niko changing. He's a very different man by the end of the game compared to the beginning.  Especially if you spare Darko letting him go made him feel better and made him realize maybe Revenge doesn't solve everything so Niko might try the same approach with Dimitri.


In the deal ending mission A Revenger's tragedy he says this while chasing Pegorino's guys "I came to this city wanting revenge, I let that desire build up inside of me for many years. I let it eat out everything good in me. It took me over. I cannot allow that to happen again, not to me, not to Mallorie and everyone who loved Roman." I also like the deal ending better the rain, the helicopter chase, Dimitri being the final bad guy instead of Pegorino.


I always pick deal.

Edited by Zello
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  • 1 month later...
Algonquin Assassin

To me it’s because of Niko’s love/loyalty to Roman and Mallorie over Kate. And l really think he would take Roman’s word. All he wanted was to make things right for Roman/Mallorie he was willing to break his oath. That takes some serious balls.


I don’t even think he necessarily does it because he trusts Dimitri. It’s more of a reluctant “Well maybe Roman’s right after all”. If Roman and Mallorie weren’t apart of the equation he’d choose Revenge definitely, but it represents a pivotal moment of his character growth to be able go down a different path. It’s sad that Roman dies, but that’s the harsh reality of the story GTA IV was telling.


Infact it feels like a precursor to RDR1’s ending when after everything John’s been through he thinks that’s it, he’s out, but realistically Ross was never going to let that be and that’s why he ends up getting killed by firing squad.



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I see the ultimate purpose of Deal ending is to show that criminal way to satiate lust for big money will have unforeseen tragic consequencies. "Isn't it ironic, don't you think? A little too ironic" -


it is the big money Roman wanted find a way of killing him


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I think it's mostly a case of Niko weighing up which is the safest and most advantageous choice. He wants out of the criminal world he got himself in, he has to figure out which choice is realistically the best chance of that happening. Both have their dangers and both have their appeal, and as we know afterwards whichever one he picks has some pretty bad consequences. If he really believes there's a chance Dimitri will do the deal and then it'll be over with I can see him picking it for the sake of both himself and Roman. How much he still cares about revenge is very much down to the player's interpretation at that point (after the variable meeting with Darko) so I can see picking either of them as plausible.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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  • 3 weeks later...

I have a question that is not entirely unrelated to this thread since I’ve recently beaten GTA 4 again after many years. Where was Patrick McReary while Niko was getting revenge for Kate? Did I miss something? Kinda odd he wouldn’t be there when Jacob and Roman are. 


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1 hour ago, Turan said:

I have a question that is not entirely unrelated to this thread since I’ve recently beaten GTA 4 again after many years. Where was Patrick McReary while Niko was getting revenge for Kate? Did I miss something? Kinda odd he wouldn’t be there when Jacob and Roman are. 



I think it's a combination of a couple of things. First of all he's not immediately around because as of the last time we saw him he was spending his time looking after his mother after all the family tragedy. Second everything happens very quickly after Kate is shot - Niko goes to get one night's rest and then they're straight out getting revenge in the morning. And third I think Jacob and Roman are only there because they were present at the wedding when the shooting happened - Niko didn't ask for their help and only reluctantly accepted it when they insisted, so he wouldn't have been calling Packie or anyone else for additional help. Packie might not have even known Kate had been killed yet, or at least not the details of how/who was involved or had time to find out about Niko's revenge mission in time.


So yeah, I think Packie probably only found out about everything as the final mission was taking place, and very soon after that he calls Niko (after the end of the game). If he'd found out earlier or Niko had asked for his help he would've been there no doubt.

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By the end of the game, Niko has realized how useless revenge really is. It brought him zero closure in the end. Killing in general, his "appetite" for it was waning, he says as much to Roman after taking out Ray. Taking the deal, working with Phil again, it's on paper a less intense mission for Niko on his way out. Deal actually makes the most sense if you look at how burnt out Niko was by the end of it. 

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