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Yan2295's collection


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Hey guys! I've been told that all the cool kids have their own topic here, so here I am!¬†ūüėČ


All items included in this list are official items. Posters, maps and booklets are not listed.

Click the items for pictures



RDR 2 The Housebuilding EP vinyl (Common)

RDR 2 Original Soundtrack vinyl (Common)

RDR 2 Original Score vinyl (Common)

RDR 2 2020 calendar (Common)

GTA V EB Games plastic bag (Rare)

GTA V Viewfinders (Rare)

GTA V Sony Pulse Headset (Rare)

GTA V Merryweather mug (Common)

GTA V Sprunk bottle (Common)

GTA V sticker (Common)

GTA V Epsilon Program pyramid (Common)

GTA V Pogo the Monkey keychain (Common)

Rockstar employees patches (Holiday gift 2019) (Rare)

Rockstar logo red & white cowbell (Rare)

Rockstar logo black & yellow cowbell (Rare)

Rockstar Games logo stickers (Common)

Rockstar logo keychain (Common)

Max Payne 3 bullet pen (Rare)

Max Payne 3 statue (Common)

Max Payne 3 bullet keychain (Common)

GTA Chinatown Wars baggie (Rare)

GTA IV Niko Bellic credit card (Very rare)

GTA IV beer cup (Very rare)

GTA IV Statue of Happiness (Very rare)

GTA IV matches (Rare)

GTA IV "N1K0" license plate (Rare)

GTA IV "GTA1V" license plate (Rare)

The Art of Grand Theft Auto IV book (Common)

The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV CD Sealed (Common)

Rockstar GTA IV bag (Common)

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony stickers (Common)

GTA Liberty City Stories luggage tag (Rare)

Manhunt 2 wrist band (Rare)

The Warriors framed stickers (Common)

GTA San Andreas rolling paper (Extremely rare)

GTA San Andreas bandana (Rare)

GTA San Andreas / Midnight Club 3 EB Games plastic bag (Rare)

GTA San Andreas poker chip (Rare)

GTA San Andreas lighters (Rare)

GTA San Andreas promo sticker (Common)

GTA Vice City sticker (Common)

GTA III playing cards (Rare)

GTA III sticker set (Common)

GTA, GTA London & GTA 2 set (Common)



GTA V Los Santos County Sheriff cap

GTA V Merryweather cap

GTA V Los Santos tee

GTA V Snapmatic tee

GTA V Los Santos San Andreas tee

GTA V logo tee

FIVE logo hoodie


Rockstar barcode logo tee

Max Payne 3 tee

Manhunt CREW tee

Rockstar navy & gold hoodie


Last updated May 8, 2021


Edited by Yan2295
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Image result for nice gif

  • KEKW 2


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Welcome to the 'cool' kids club, you 'been cool before it was cool to be cool' dude. Added a cool 'collection' tag for ya. Nice collection! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Man never knew most of these were a thing. The gta 4 stuff that isn't really common is amazing to see too.

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On 2/20/2021 at 4:08 AM, Yan2295 said:


Really cool stuff. Where did you get the license plate and other rare items from?

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2 hours ago, StuntMaster100 said:

Really cool stuff. Where did you get the license plate and other rare items from?


Most items are simply from eBay. 

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What I only got in my collection is the Liberty City map, Los Santos map and images from the official Rockstar Games website

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  • 2 months later...

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