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What types of radio stations do you listen to in GTA games?

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For me funnily enough, it's country. If a GTA game has a country station, it becomes the one I listen to the most. K-Rose and Rebel Radio are my favorite radio stations in GTA San Andreas and GTA V respectively.

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Rock, Pop, Country, Talk stations and a little bit of Hip Hop mainly.


One of the few stations I liked that didnt belong to any of the above was Fusion FM in GTA IV.


I guess I gravitate towards Rock and Pop more, some of my favourite stations I'd mention are Wave 103 (VIce City's is my all time favourite), Flash FM, K DST and K Rose.

Edited by Wayne Kerr
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GTA III : Flashback FM

GTA Vice City : Flash FM

GTA San Andreas : K-DST

GTA IV : Liberty Rock Radio

GTA V : Los Santos Rock Radio


Classic rock and Pop rock are my default pick.

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Funk Reggae and old school hiphop


i dont like IVs radio maybe i should give em a try

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I like all the kinds of music and tend to avoid the chats.


More precisely I mostly listen to :


GTA 3: Flashback and K-Jah

GTA Vice City: Emotion 98.3 closely followed by Wave 103, Flash FM and Fever105

GTA San Andreas: Bounce FM closely followed by K-DST and K-Jah west.

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The one radio station type that I always listen to are talk station - even in GTA 5, where they are of a questionable quality.


In SA I tend to listen to country and rock, because they go well with the map.

Edited by Lioshenka
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