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Tallest GTA Protagnist of all Grand Theft Auto Games.

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Luis Vercetti

For a very very long time I've always wondered. who is the tallest gta character? at first i thought most of the gta characters were the exact same height. at least Tommy, Claude, Toni. After a while i realized how in GTA 3 Claude is extremely taller then Toni not even standing to his tallest Claude seems to really dominate everyone he meets in terms of height. Then i looked at Tommy. Same deal with him honestly super tall and everything. even before this question came to mind cj always looked short to me. if he is at max muscle he has more of an illusion of being tall but cj's height doesn't change at all. Is there any certified, official place that shows the true gta characters height? I feel like if there isn't the only way to know for sure is to litterly spend time measuring all the gta characters in blender or something. seeing who is tallest side by side comparison.

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36 minutes ago, universetwisters said:

Johnny. Did you see him in GTA 5? He f*cking towers over Trevor by at least a head

Before or after  losing a part of his head?

Edited by DR:BUSTA
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The Johnny thing is funny, he towers over Trevor but I played Museum Piece yesterday and Johnny and Niko are almost the same height if not the same, but Niko is not really that tall people like Brucie and Ray clearly stand taller than him IIRC, idk maybe those two are exceptionally tall but Niko feels like a short dude with most of the people he meets imo so idk if Trevor is a very short guy or there was an inconsistency in Klebitz' height, I think Luis is as tall as if not taller than Johnny and Niko. 


Also CJ is taller than say Ryder and a few others in cutscenes but in gameplay he's shorter than almost everybody except the old peds lol. 

Edited by Wayne Kerr
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Its hard to choose if who is the tallest, I don't know all their heights

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Johnny's height was increased to highlight his hunched over, scrawny appearance..All protagonists are more or less the same height. But I'd like to think Trevor is the tallest of the V trio. Being around 6'1 Mike and Frank being 6'0. Niko's around 5'11 Luis 5'10 Johhny 6'3 but he slouches and has a bad back so he appears shorter in some scenes.. So ima say Johhny. 

Edited by Thelema93
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Luis Vercetti

Okay everyone i have finally found it out. there were many excpetions such as toni cipriani since in gta 3 his shorter then claude. not all the characters are written in here but after a long time of comparing in blender the tallest gta character is.....


I estimated tommy to be 6'3 and most of the other characters are 6'2 or 6'1. i didn't include gta 5 characters because compared to johnny they aren't worth measuring.

Edited by Luis Vercetti
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Niko always gave me the impression to be relatively short, who knows, maybe it's not like that.

Edited by The Tracker
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Luis Vercetti
4 hours ago, OH76 said:


As for the shortest, Vic is my choice. At least CJ was tall in the cutscenes but shorter than almost every ped in gameplay.

EXACTLY! CJ wasn't that tall compared to NPC's but in cutscenes he was taller then most people accept sweet, wu zi, emmet, C.R.A.S.H.

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