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Does anyone else like the fact GTA III had a silent protagonist?


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Don't get me wrong. I liked the fact latter GTA games had protagonists that spoke, as I felt that added a lot of depth to the latter GTA games.


But I feel like for GTA III, Claude being a silent protagonist was what made GTA III what it was.


Claude keeping his mouth shut while everyone else told him what to do added something to the cinematics that wouldn't otherwise be felt if Claude had spoke. I like how it made it to where the cinematics were strictly "This is what you're supposed to do" instead of having a bunch of filler dialogue (honestly many of the cinematics in VC and SA can be pretty annoying). And like how having a silent protagonist makes you feel like you are the protagonist rather than just playing as the protagonist.


It was just one of the many things that made GTA III badass but without feeling overly hyped or overly dramatic. GTA III was simplistic in so many ways, but the fact that it was simplistic actually made GTA III cool in so many ways without feeling it's trying too hard or feeling forced.



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I didn't use to pay much attention to the fact that Claude doesn't talk - in fact it wasn't until la few years ago that I learned that people are seriously discussing it.


I think that the fact that he is mute help the player to relate more to the character and the story by filling in the gaps with their own imagination. Just like myths in SA, which for many were and remain the most memorable thing about the game.


In my head I have an idea of how Claude speaks, and how he thinks, and he's a pretty decent guy there. But just the other week it occurred to me that he could be a total prick with a stupid accent. I like to think that this is not the case, but I would think that someone imagines him like that.

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Yes. The simpleton idea that constantly running their mouths and saying a bunch of meaningless horsesh*t is what makes a character good is a cancer. Claude's silence is what makes him a great character because of the contrast it provides between him and the manic cartoony people he's surrounded by. You know exactly what kind of dude Claude is, he doesn't need to say a word. Actions speak louder than words. 

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  • 4 weeks later...
Fake Lilina

I honestly think this game got the Silent Protagonist job done well.

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Yeah, I like that Claude is a silent protag. I really like silent protagonists, in general, since they allow me to "become" them and not just be a player observing and playing the game.

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I like silent protagonists a lot, it doesn't fit GTA III at all however. Claude looks like a clueless moron doing whatever people tell him to do, without questioning, he just stands there.

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