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Black Turkoman Saddle and Stirrup bonuses issues.

Go to solution Solved by Deadman2112,

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  • Solution

Okay so I noticed something the other day while playing in Red Dead online.


I purchased the New Black Turkoman and put the Nacogdoches saddle on the horse with the upgraded stirrups. Everything was fine, all bonuses were showing up, and the horses stamina/health drained as they should have with that particular saddle.


Later my horse was badly injured during a gunfight.

When I revive the horse it apparently used the special horse reviver.

After that my I noticed the horse stamina and health drain very quickly.


When I would Target the horse using the L1(PS)/L bumper(XB) none of the stats or bonuses from the saddle was showing up.


I thought possibly swapping out horses and then bringing the horse back out of the stable would correct this issue, however it didn't.


Thinking I had a permanent glitch I contacted Rockstar and they had me try clearing out the temporary files by using the L1 R1 hold through the startup screen.


This still did not fix the problem.


However apparently this glitch is not permanent and is in fact due to having gold cores on your horse.


If this happens to you, all you have to do is wait for the gold cores to expire. At that point your horse will then regain all bonuses from the saddle.


I'm not sure if this happens with other seidels and the Black Turkoman but it seems to be an issue with this one.



Edited by Deadman2112
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