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What have you spent your heist money on?

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I have the same issue on GTAO that I have with RDO, too much money and not enough to spend it on.


I do get vicarious enjoyment at hearing about my friends soaring bank balance after I helped him and his partner both get Subs. They were both very put off by the "huge" price tag for the Sub but two Heists each later at a 85% cut and they both have Subs now.

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2 hours ago, Aquamaniac said:


I have similar thoughts and my guess is that updates for current gen will soon stop. This means all the money becomes more or less worthless, let's say you have a trillion GTA$ on Xbox 360, what's the point? So the heist is a gift to new and old players to finally buy everything they want before R* gives up Xbox One and PS4. On next gen Perico heist might be less profitable, much more difficult or all things more expensive.



I had considered this as well, and it gave me pause, except that I intend to play the PS5 version of GTAO when it comes out. I wasn't thinking in terms of last gen or the current almost-over gen, but next gen. Since GTA 6 doesn't seem to be in any kind of rush to release, my assumption was that all our progress from the PS4/XBone will transfer to the PS5/Series-X, and there may even be a sort of Returning Player Bonus Part Deux or something. When I posed the question about breaking the game I was looking ahead to this summer. I can't, for the life of me, imagine Rockstar not transferring all of our money and in-game GTAO assets to the PS5. That would be insane!


In the back of my head, when talking about this topic, my immediate thought was somewhat darker. That being the fact that with all of this insane money being poured into the accounts of any player that wants it, simply for purchasing the Kosatka, could this mean that we are about to get the announcement for GTA 6 very soon, which would even make the PS5/Series-X versions of GTA V moot anyway?


2 hours ago, Aquamaniac said:


My GTA download on Xbox 1 cost me 12€ (including starter pack plus returning player bonus - I can't complain about R* ;) ), 1.25 Million GTA$ in sharkcards is 15€, so one (or two) sharkcards to buy the Kosatka, earns R* more than selling the entire game. A fully equiped Kosatka is 75€ in sharkcards (are these numbers real - is 8 million GTA$ 75€), let's not forget this. GTA didn't cost 75€ when it was released I guess. Actually things have become sick when you consider that online games as Counterstrike or Day of Defeat where once for free.


In terms of gameplay it is a good thing, the richer the people are, the more properties they can afford and the more missions they can host and play with others, since you don't need the money anymore, you can do them on easy, just for the fun of it. Yesterday I bought facility, if some griefers won't let me finish the preps, I just buy the stuff just to play the missions and finals. I might even buy a yacht just to do the missions with others as should be the point for a multiplayer game, playing with others instead of becoming ricidicously rich alone and buy some ugly hypercar.


lol Yeah, I have never bought a Shark Card in my life, nor would I. But fun-true story: when I decided to try GTAO last June, there were two versions of GTA V on PSN for purchase and download. The first was the Vanilla GTA V with nothing bundled into it for $30.00 USD, and the second was a sale on a bundle of GTA V + The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for $15.00 USD. lol Which do you think I bought? I got the returning player bonus, as well, which was also a nice little bonus if I do say so myself! :)


I agree with your last point. I have spent the entirety of the 8 months I have played GTAO becoming ridiculously rich. Not necessarily alone, but playing with friendlys and friends, like @xInfected_Virus. That has been a lot of fun. I would love to venture more into public lobbies. But I REALLY need to work on my PvP skills before defaulting to playing in public. Honestly, as much as I love owning and flying around with my MK II Oppressor, I hate the thought of dealing with griefers. I can usually hold my own against a lot of them, because it seems like the ones using the oppressors to grief, aren't very good, and once I do blow them up and get them off their broomstick-crutches, and they have to wait for their cool-down to get another, I can use a myriad of weapons and toys against them and more than hold my own.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been spending it on the Toreador, some mk2 guns, and all the upgrades for the Kosatka. Now I'm saving up for the next DLC.

And I have been buying some planes I didn't really need.


1 hour ago, bruh moment said:


:kekw: You know you can rob them and get your money back when they're done, right?

Edited by AirWolf359
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1 hour ago, bruh moment said:


Just you wait until the Expanded and Enhanced edition.... now supporting VR and Bluetooth compatibility! 😉😛

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$40 million on almost all the clothing and masks, only stuff I didn't buy is all the arena war clothing

Edited by NeoLedah
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I bought a bunch of scuba suits after only owning one for the longest time. I like the dark blue / neon green one the best right now.


I also made a new outfit out of the splinter camo scuba suit with splinter gloves, splinter thermal helmet, and the new splinter ski mask. Outfit name is Splinter.

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18 hours ago, BeatsDown said:

I spent my $200m from CP heists on drinks. Now I find out that this week drinks are FREE! Can't believe it!

buy a nightclub then your drinks are always free 😉

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Not much really. I did get a splash screen a few weeks ago saying I had a discount (250k off) on the sparrow that ended on a Wednesday, forgot about it but that thursday it went on discount for everyone - bought it and somehow still got the 250k back after a day or two, so it only cost 1.1m


Did buy a Toreador when on discount, just because, haven't used it, waste of money really.


Got everything else bar a yacht (not worth it) so hopefully we get a decent release of like 20 cars to spend some on, thanks to Cayo perico and the bonus week especially I'm up to 213m just sat there now. Wish money in real life was that easy to come by!


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11 hours ago, Crafty- said:

Did buy a Toreador when on discount, just because, haven't used it, waste of money really.

it's pretty fun

i bought an avisa now there is a waste of money

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8 hours ago, risefox said:

Buying Opressor MK2,MK3:kekw:

now i have a sparrow i hardly use the oppressor

docking in the sub just makes it so convenient


i have landed the oppressor on the nose cone a few times but you have to be careful to land it on the flat part or it will slide off

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  • 3 weeks later...

Basically every car I can think of. I really enjoy the process of grinding for a few hours, getting a good amount of cash & going on a spending spree. 

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Not much, usually discounted stuff I’m mildly interested in or if I’m impulsed to buy a car just to have something to do with renovating it.

I took off about a year and a half from the game because of moving but came back for this heist. After the sub and upgrades I was down to ~20m. Now with this heist and enjoying a lot of the 2x events I am over 200m but not too interested in buying much.

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I bought myself the Aquarius Yacht named the Filet-O-Fish, a fully upgraded casino penthouse, an Avenger, an MOC, an RC bandit, and an RC tank.


I might buy an Oppressor MK2 when it goes back on sale again.

Edited by AwesomO4000
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