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[Professional] PC Grinding Crew Looking For Serious Players


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This has NOTHING to do with the Youtuber TheProfessional even though I actually used to be in his crew on PC before he removed them/made them inofficial. I am close to his inner circle but thats a different story and I dont want to involve them. This is my own personal project.


• The point with the crew is to make it easy for LEGIT players to find others to Grind with for Cash and RP.

MC-sales, Special Cargo, Bunker, Heists etc. I know new players have problems finding groups for Heists and sales.


• I dont want you to look at me as a "Boss", but I am a great leader for new players because I know how to level up fast and if enough players join I promise you you will reach a high level and get rich fast if you grind daily. Legit gaming of course.

- I did Criminal Mastermind with players under level 100 just by guiding them, I have  a lot of respect for new players - level doesnt mean anything. I still will arrange runs like Criminal Mastermind(10 million in reward), achievment-runs etc. I like helping new players. Thats just the kind of person I am.


• There are different ranks and I am looking for players I can trust, help with recruitment etc. These guys need experience for obvious reasons and need to be on the same page as me.

• Inactive members will get removed but are always welcome back when they start playing GTA V again. Dont take it personal.

• The goal is to be able to "Join Crew Session" and find a lobby with at least a decent amount of PROF-players grinding. That way you will always find a group to help you sell. Thats why inactive members gets removed.

• You get help selling your stuff but you need to help people back which is the key. People that does not keep their word will get removed and blacklisted as you are no longer trusted.


• Of course there will be a Discord server when I get some members. I am currently looking for my first Lieutenants to help me grow the crew. I already have a couple of Commissioners from my old crews and close people(friends, family) that I personally trust 100%.


• Its an Invite-only Crew. Just post here and ask for an invite. You dont need to have this crew active in the beginning, you can have up to 4 crews. I need to build up the crew but trust me, it will become a very good grinding crew.


I am personally level 564 from leveling since 2013 from Xbox 360 -> PS4 -> PC and used to be a hardcore deathmatch player back in the day if someone ask me about my KD. Again, not a KD-warrior, Im not as good at PVP anymore I played DM since GTA 4 back in the day. To avoid questions about this. Im a PvE player trying to set up a platform for people to easily and fast make money.


Do I need to even mention it, Zero tolerance against modding/cheating obviously. For fun, or for sabotaging I do not care. Just dont do it in my crew.

Remembers, Griefers is part of the game and the crew will get targeted from time to time and someone will lose their cargo. They are part of the game and imo without them there wouldnt be any balance in GTA V.



Edited by lawless91
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I've been playing for a couple of days on PC and really getting stuck in as much as I can, but I think I would enjoy playing with more people so I am definitely up for joining the crew if you'll have me.  I am not new to the game, I'm just new to playing it on PC having previously played it on Console many years ago.  I started up a fresh account the other day and I've been running solo missions and I'm working my way through the first heists with random players.


You can find me at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/RoxinGB/

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your thread, as per the Crew Forum Rules.


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Hi i am new player. Lvl 20+. I am trying to find some people to play with. I have learned the hard way what gta online is about. First day Ilaunched the game with smile, the second one I lost all my hope in humanity :D when in like 10 min as lvl 3 player someone sniped me, then someone blewed me up with opressor and then someone hit my car with his megaultrasonic panzer car with fountain and wtf was all that. And i was only on the street no cargo no mission nothing to steal from me just killing me for fun. I am ok with some killing its online game i can take that but when its for nothing and i dont even have time to look around...

For now I play solo on solo session thats my world thats my grind.

I want to be part of something and have someone to do missions with - i have tried to do around 10 missions with randoms( starting missions for braindead like take this and go there easy you think- nope) 3 times our own teamate started killing us. 3 times half of team went searching for treasurre or whatever on other side as the objective was. 3 times we died because we could not go together ( dont mention monkey noises from voicechat.. its ok this is online world). And oh hurray 1 time we finnished the mission and after like 30 min i got 8000 dollars, i took a look at that enormous pile of money and i wanted to cry :D.

i dont wanna lie i am not pro gamer usually i dont land headshots and noscopes and that crazy shroud sh*t. I just wanna grind, earn money buy something have fun make some progress.

i Dont know what crew is about and what i need to do and what you want from me. Maybe if you have discord we can talk there more i can ask about the game gain more lvl and then join if you want me to join and if i know i am gonna be good addition to the crew.

i am ok doing all solo in my own session a have my peace and have good times with game i can make boring stuff solo and save some money but i also want some social interaction.

MY timezone is central europe. I Play on pc. I am 34 ( not kid - i am not aggaints kids most of them are better in games than me :D ). I have mic and discord maybe we can use them to communicate :D somehow in solo session nobody answers me even if my mic works :D.


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  • 2 months later...

Hello I would love to join your crew to grind,because I often times have problems doing my businesses. I´m currently level 108 and want to help other players and get some help. This is my first post on this website I hope i´m doing nothing wrong.



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Hey I'd like to join. I'm level 138 and would like to upscale my business activities to more than just grinding solo and I'm also willing to help others. I have most of the recent businesses and pretty decent selection of in-game vehicles and I'm always on the move doing something as a one man army (so far but hoping to change that😀 ).


My social club/IGN is repa332: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/repa332/

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Hi i would like to join just switched from xbox to pc and would love the help


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  • 2 weeks later...

Heya, I'm interested in joining. Just looking for decent lobbies and crews to play with.


My account is https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/berghainbear/



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Uncle Sikee Atric

I'm locking this thread as you haven't followed the Forum rules and added a Social Club link for your Crew as is required by the forum rules.

If you want to post a new thread, you can do so, but unless the required rules are followed, it will be removed.


Thank you.


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