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[Xbox One] Spec Ops Naval Seals [English] [17+]


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Hey guys. Looking to recruit for a crew a buddy and I put together. Despite the name and what the crew profile may imply, we're pretty laid back and don't take the game very seriously. We fully believe in playing the game for the fun of playing the game, rather than simply to watch our numbers go up. 


That said, part of what we find fun is the acquisition and use of the higher-cost items and toys in the game, such as the Kosatka, the Oppressor Mk II, upgraded weapons, and so on. Another part of what we find fun is playing through heists, and seeing how much better at them we can get. We like to compete against our previous times and successes, to see if we've improved, and actively strive towards being better than we were yesterday.


We goof around, we don't let our failures get to us, and we're about as patient as it gets. Of course, we may get frustrated, some days quicker than others, but we cool off after a few seconds.


We're looking for relaxed, but competitive, players who will goof off with us, and play for the experience of playing. We follow a militaristic theme with our characters and on missions now and then, and find the military style somewhat fun, hence the name and theme of our crew. When not doing heists, we can be found doing one of two things: running bunker/hanger/special cargo missions, or patrolling lobbies looking for bullies to beat down.


That said, we don't pretend to be PvP gods. We die often enough, though most times it's due to a difference in equipment. But what sets us apart is that we don't quit.


Whether you're in a tank, an oppressor, a jet, or a submarine, if we have reason to take you down, we don't stop until we're satisfied, and we ALWAYS get the job done.


So, if you're chill, like to compete with your past self, enjoy messing around, and feel like you'd fit in well with us, hit me up with an invitation request. I'll invite you, we'll play a few times, and we'll see how it goes.


SOCIAL CLUB LINK: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spec_ops_naval_seals/wall?fbclid=IwAR30qaKnUyx7na-v_8VGiqSgJoI8DTrVSNzygoDLlIKhNT-Zl146nVp9yQk

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