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A GTA V Reboot Fan-Fiction


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Author's note:


I'm a fan of Marvel and it seems they're going to do a Multi-Verse thing. So I thought to myself "Hey, I want to do another universe of a GTA too". I chose GTA V because I'm inspired by This Topic (Credit goes to DawidZnawca).


So I'm going to have a GTA V Reboot Fan-Fiction with 5 Protagonists. If you read the topic that I just linked, you can tell that Michael and Franklin will still be protagonists in my story. As well as 


Jerry Kapowitz


As for the other two, I'll create original characters.


Any feedback is welcomed. Hopefully everyone who read this can enjoy my fan-fiction. 


Main Protagonists:


Protagonist 1:

Name: Michael De Santa

Place of Birth: Midwest

Age: 45-48 (will be address once the story progress)

Group: None


Protagonist 2:

Name: Franklin Clinton

Place of Birth: Los Santos

Age: 25

Group: The Families


Protagonist 3:

Name: ?


Group: ?


Protagonist 4:

Name: ?


Group: ?


Protagonist 5:

Name: ?

Age: ?

Group: ?



Chapter I: Prologue

A white middle aged man in his forties was driving a Black Tailgater on a Sunny Day at Los Santos. The road was empty so he drove his Black Tailgater as fast as possible. He went for a fast break as soon as the traffic light hit the red. He looked around and took a sigh.


"I'm not sure if that was working" said the man.


After like a minute, the light turned to green and he continued his drive to his home. The gate opened up by itself and he entered his car to the garage straight away. He went out of the car and went inside his home as well.


"Amanda! Tracey! Jimmy!" said the man as he was hoping for an answer. 


No one seemed to answer. As he was at his home alone, he decided to turn on The TV. Apparently, he got a phone call as soon as he sat down on the sofa. He answered it


"Hey Amanda! Where are you?" Asked the man


"I'm sorry Michael, I forgot to tell you that The Kids and I are going to eat at the same place as last week! Would you want to join us?" Asked Amanda over the phone.


"Same place as last week? Jesus, you really fall in love with their Steak don't you?" Asked Michael as he was giggling.


"Of course! Not just me but Jimmy and Tracey too! So what is it gonna be? Are you in or not?" Asked Amanda over the phone.


"Haha….A'right, a'right, I'm coming over." said Michael as he hung up on his phone.


Michael went to his garage once again as he drove his Tailgate to go eating with his Family. After he drove for like 2 minutes, he saw a Red Dewbauchee Rapid GT, going really fast on the opposite road as Michael. 


"I don't know if I could still do something like that or not" Michael said it to himself and then he continued to drive.


The Rapid GT arrived at Premium Deluxe Motorsport. The driver parked the car right away slowly and then the driver came out as it turned out to be a young black man as he went inside to the building.


"Ah Franklin my boy! You did good today as usual!" said a bald Armenian middle age man.


"Thank you Mr. Simeon! I'm just doing my job!" said Franklin.


"And as I said, you did good! No, not good, but great! Here is your pay for today and come back tomorrow, ok?" asked Simeon.


"For sure. I'll see you tomorrow, Sir." said Franklin as he left the building. 


He counted his money outside of the Premium Deluxe Motorsport. 


"30 Dollars? That's a record." said Franklin as he walked away and asked a passing Taxi to stop as he went inside it. Wanting to go home.

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Liberty City Executioner

I’m very sorry that it took THIS long for feedback. Great job so far! I find it very interesting and would LOVE to read more! Please make more wonderful chapters! :D

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