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I found a intresting way to get 6 stars easy and fast

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So.. There are 3 requirements.

-You need molotovs
-You need to complete 12 levels of firefighter
-You need to have access to San Fierro (or not, but its easier if you have access)

What you wanna do is go under the bridge near Cranberry station / near the armor pickupgallery103.jpgOnce you arrive, you want to get a wanted level by sniping cops or peds on the sidewalk nearby, Once you start accumulating stars you'll notice theres nothing coming for you, except for helicopters, That is because everyone is up on the highway, you wanna grab your molotovs and spam them against the roof, you'll know it worked if the cops start screaming, i reccomend you throw a few molotovs and then stand back, or else you might get caught in the explosion radius by a car, if you keep doing this, you will reach 6 stars and you'll be pratically invincible if you dont leave the spot, only helicopters come and attack you sometimes, but theyre easy to take down if you know what you are doing

(Side-Notes: Cops on foot might arrive to try to kill you, but they wont do much so dont worry, I reccomend doing this at DAY because helicopters at night have this spotlight that will make it harder for you to hit them
If youre running low on health (somehow) theres a convenient armor pick-up if you go down the bridge.)

I hope this hasnt been found before, and i also hope you good luck in trying to do this although its fairly easy, If you find any flaws or things that can help please let me know in the comments of this post, I reccomend doing the San Fierro snapshots and spraying all tags, as they reward you with Sniper Rifles and Molotovs (which are nescesary for this glitch), This might work with a flamethrower too but im not sure.

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