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Best way to beat the game?

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What is the best way to complete GTA San Andreas, including 100% objectives and other things that aren’t needed for 100%?

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That's subjective. Are you asking a quick way to do this, or the most enjoyable way? If you're looking for quick, there are scores of speedrunners and plenty of saved videos for you to take notes and use to plan a route. If you're asking for the most engaging or enjoyable, that's entirely up to you. Whenever I boot up a clean save, I like to get as much done as I can early on so I can reap the benefits of the perks for later story missions.

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Carl Theft Auto

I'd recommend doing side missions(Paramedics to be specific) before you start mission.

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If it's your first time playing it I find it's most enjoyable to just approach it naturally and do what you feel like, then do whatever else is needed for 100% afterwards


However if it's not the first time my personal preference is to always do any side activities that are available to me at a given time before I do any more story missions. Only exception being waiting until I have access to Angel Pine to do Paramedic since it's so much easier there. This way the tasks that can be a bit more of a chore are out of the way, you can enjoy the rewards as soon as possible (especially the free weapons at your main safehouse in each city that you get for doing all tags in LS/photos in SF/horseshoes in LV, plus not needing to change your appearance to impress girlfriends for collecting all oysters), the story missions are a "treat" after finishing side stuff lol, you're not left with a ton of side stuff to do all at once at the end, and you can enjoy the sweet moment of reaching 100% by completing the final story mission.  


Speaking of 100% one thing that's an absolute must is keeping track of which collectibles you already have, so you don't end up in a situation where you don't know which ones you're missing and have to check every single location again. Same with unique stunt jumps (they don't count towards 100% but are still nice to do). Two ways I've used to do this are A) Looking at a map/watching a video guide to collect the whole of each set in one go or B) Saving a picture of a map showing the locations on my computer and putting marks on ones I've collected as I go. Unless there's some new-fangled way of keeping track of collectibles these days that I'm not aware of.

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For reference, I don't technically do a starter save, but I absolutely do everything available to me from the beginning, barring anything like crossing over cities. There's nothing fun to me about delivering packages with a four-star wanted level. I'll do paramedic, firefighting, courier, BMX, burglary, tags, property and if I'm in the mood, vigilante. Doing these missions gives me health and armor boosts, extra cash and allows me to pick up a healthy stash of weaponry to use as I play. Granted, the game likes to give you the guns it wants you to use and you're stripped of these when you enter Badlands, but it's helpful nonetheless. I also use the Inside Track betting shop to increase my money to ridiculous amounts just for the flex, honestly - cash isn't something you generally need to worry about as you play through normally. If I don't do vigilante in LS, I'll do it in Badlands or SF.


On a few occasions I have taken a plane to the top of the mountain so I can do a Chiliad challenge, but this gives you absolutely no perks whatsoever really so it's just something to cross off your list early if you're up to it. As you do courier in LS, your cycling skill will gradually improve to the point that by the time you've finished, you unlock the BMX challenge in the skate park.

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Depends on the person, really. I always try to get 13.37% before the first mission.

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