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GTA V is empty compared to GTA San Andreas or Red Dead Redemption 2


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I decided this was the best forum to set up the topic i am sorry if it isn't.



I have finished 2 games by Rockstar, GTA V and Rdr2, and i am playing San Andreas.



To me, the world of GTA V is kinda empty when compared to these games. Outside of missions there is very little to do. Exploration is basically pointless.


Meanwhile the world in RDR2 feels alive and full. There is always something to do. Bounties, hunting, fishing, robberies, something for everyone. I have finished the main quest, done the 70 gold medals achievement, and yet i am very very far away from being anywhere near having done everything availaible.


Same with GTA SA there is a lot to do.



I dunno why people say GTA V is so good. Imho it's very empty compared to these games. There is basically nothing to do. 


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A lot more care and effort went into RDR2 than GTA V or really any other Rockstar game. The wildlife, interactive NPCs, random events, and the level of detail in general just make it a superior game to many of us.

I think V suffered a lot because it was made with singleplayer dlcs in mind, but they were never released in the end. I think with RDR2 the team knew they aren't going to expand the SP part post-release, so we got a much larger campaign, with an epilogue that feels like a short game of its own.

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JaeDan 101
On 1/21/2021 at 10:00 PM, Accuracy_challenges said:

There is basically nothing to do. 

Play GTA Online instead of GTA 5 Story Mode

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I completely agree. Modding is the only reason I still play GTA V occasionally. After finishing the story, the few side missions available are so boring that I didn't even care to play them.

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I never understood this statement. GTA V has a lot of side content when you compare it to the other entries in the series. The only GTA that slightly beats it in this regard has to be GTA San Andreas. You can look at the list of things the two games have available for you to do and you find identical results. The quality of the content though is another thing to discuss. RDR2 definitely takes longer than the other two to complete but while I found RDR2 to be an exceptional game I found a lot of the side content (those f*cking challenges) to be tedious.


But I 100% agree with the world feeling lacking compared to RDR2 and SA. While I found the map to be more interesting than most other GTA games and being very accessible and masterfully designed for fun, it does feel lacking and empty at times and that's clearly because of lack of interiors and having only one city. 

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I don't understand one thing. People always praise 3D Era Grand Theft Auto games for having these side-missions, but to be honest, nobody really enjoys doing them. 

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