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Am I The only one that thinks r/GTA6 is full of idiots?


Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, darkdayz said:


Plus, an account doesn't say anything. I've been here since 2006 in the hype for IV but got locked out of my old account in the run up to V so made another when I returned. Please don't tell me that people use their Joined date as some kind of intellect flex or as a way to legitimise their fandom. That's embarrassing. Ample people here with 2013 dates that have actually been here since the beggining one way or another.


I've only been here since 2011. I lurked since 2006, because I was used to using GameFAQ's message boards for every game in one place. And I've been playing GTA since 1998.

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Just out of curiosity.


I started playing GTA in the mid 2000s and Vice City was my first one. My account was created in 2016 but I've been around here before that.


So yes, I think we can say the fans of GTAForums are more like die-hard ones, while the fans of Reddit are more like casual ones, people who started playing the games around 2013 and who care a lot more about the online mode than any of us here.

Edited by The Wolf Man
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6 hours ago, MrBreak16 said:

We actually hear characters say Florida in previous GTA games. Even Niko mentions Florida in GTA IV


There is that, I don't see them not retconning it's name though

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One thing I've noticed is that a lot of gaming journalists tend to browse that subreddit and eventually make articles about what they find over there. Thing is a lot of those things were found here first like the patent stuff but the subreddit gets all the credit instead.

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43 minutes ago, Zello said:

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of gaming journalists tend to browse that subreddit and eventually make articles about what they find over there. Thing is a lot of those things were found here first like the patent stuff but the subreddit gets all the credit instead.


There is a correlation between journalists and that subreddit.... they're both casuals.

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3 hours ago, Zello said:

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of gaming journalists tend to browse that subreddit and eventually make articles about what they find over there. Thing is a lot of those things were found here first like the patent stuff but the subreddit gets all the credit instead.

Nah I'm pretty sure most of them get their GTA 6 info from r/gamingleaksandrumours instead though writers for some smaller scale sites do absolutely browse that subreddit



Edited by TheEggman
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The thing that really makes me nerd rage is people that call themselves big GTA fans but doesn't know about the GTA universe rule.... like lol? 


People really think Ray Liotta about to come through again? 

Edited by rjmthe2nd
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1 hour ago, TheEggman said:

Nah I'm pretty sure most of them get their GTA 6 info from r/gamingleaksandrumours instead though writers for some smaller scale sites do absolutely browse that subreddit



Nah man IGN made a whole article about gaming leaks last year. They most definitely browse r/GTA6. They even interviewed a mod from there.





Nintelytroll is one of the most fervent leak peddlers on the internet. In addition to r/gamingleaksandrumors, he also handles the subreddit r/GTA6, a 17,000 subscriber-strong outpost dedicated to the currently unannounced Grand Theft Auto VI. No substantive information breaches have trickled out of the Rockstar braintrust about its rumored forthcoming project -- in fact, most of the posts on the subreddit are a parody of how barren the intelligence exchange tends to be.


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On 1/20/2021 at 9:04 AM, rjmthe2nd said:

Nothing but kids who never even played the previous GTAs or RDR2 and swears they know about Rockstar, being factual doesn't matter over there, talk about how an 80s GTA would be refreshing and they'll downvote lol, think I'm done with that remedial circle jerk.

Very true in terms of that circle jerk, but I personally don't care for the 80s as the sole time period. Let that be side thing, but of course they sadly don't do that anymore.


I'm a car guy and I have never liked the automotive landscape of the 1973-1989 period, due to the general industry malaise. I could only make an exception for post-1988 or bi-era setting, but before 1988? No thank you. Hate majority of stateside 80s cars with a passion, save for a few standouts from Germany and Japan, plus maybe Ford.


It seems that as long as someone can get the equivalent of a 348 or Countach in an '80s game, they don't mind the majority what's casually available being dreary  stuff like an 80s GM crapbucket, K Car or any boring 80s econobox.


The name of the game at the end of the day is Grand Theft Auto, so yes vehicle choice matters a great deal. I mostly want to avoid the 80s for that reason, as automotive engineering quietly reached new heights behind closed doors in the 80s, but most of those works didn't hit the streets until after 1988 or in the early 90s.


Anyways I digress, your main point is well taken otherwise, as I am no stranger to seeing the ignorance and stupidity of r/GTA6.

On 1/20/2021 at 10:01 AM, Orthur The Boah said:

we remove tons of sh*tposts, and still get posts about people saying Cyberpunk is bad (in a GTA6 sub lol), I literally just removed a post where there was a guy posting about Cyberpunk and that he doesn't mind waiting because of that(for the 1000th time! Ffs).


So even if you don't appreciate it, don't say that we don't do any work there, Like you said, there's idiots in pretty much everywhere in the Internet, I've seen some here too. It's judt reddit is like that, it will get better once when the game is Announced tho, like look at how good r/Reddeadredemption is.


Two things:

Nothing pisses me more off, than the types who champion and excuse any possible delays, for selfish reasons. Being "happy GTA 6 isn't coming anytime soon!" types of individuals.


I have seen many of them here and will admit it raises my BP (sorry), because it comes across as tone deaf after 7+ years. If Rockstar took such individuals as a meadur of where they need to be right now with the public, as in a consumer survey, Rockstar could easily take more merry time.


As for the second in bold, don't you know it? I've learned the hard way, that at least 60% of the individuals posting on the internet, are unusually stupid or can seem like it, due to vast ignorance. Especially in niches such as video games, that are of course, a form of leisure.


And even as a person of immediate of African roots, a lot of it can sometimes be chalked up to cultural idiosyncrasies in many cases where some folks might come across as more emotional than cerebral and not apply logic to their theories.


On 1/20/2021 at 10:11 AM, The Wolf Man said:


There's idiots everywhere. Period. The problem is not the Internet itself. This means that even some of the moderators are idiots themselves.

It's the way it is.

Seems very accurate in some instances. I leaked a hell of lot of information about a future product on a forum over a 2 year period, where the actual incumbent offering had been around since 2004 and the company had been flip flopping around on replacing it for many years.


I was shadow-banned by the idiot moderator or admin, after telling them they needed to clean house and delete/re-locate many BS threads regarding, irrelevant old sh*t in a sub-forum on Future Product. Their moderators were clearly asleep at the wheel and once called out, took offense. 


Save for COVID-19, I turned out to be 100% right with my predictions and internal info, which was finally revealed 10 days ago as the new replacement.


Many of the dumber set of moderators are too wrapped up in their egos to be respectful of differing perspectives and actually do their jobs correctly is the truth.

On 1/20/2021 at 1:57 PM, MrBreak16 said:

What I found even more stupid is that these idiots are also convinced GTA VI will "definitely" be announced this year and that anytime after is "too late." They also say GTA VI will release next year (2022) and when it comes to their GTA VI wishlists, they always ask for unrealistic or dumb things.

Among my first few posts over there, I was instantly down voted by a few idiots strictly on the fact, I laid out the likely timeline and how any 2021 announcement, is too farfetched.


And I could tell who downvoted me, by the seemingly naive, stupid whiny responses/questions I got from a few over there, which of course had no real logic behind them. One even justified the release PS5 version as a great reason to announce GTA 6 at the same time...


It makes sense to have pie in the sky wishes early on (ie initial release of V), but when it starts inching towards them likely being deep in production or into the life cycle of the incumbent title, at that point one needs to start applying some logic to it and be a bit more realistic about what's actually coming.


On 1/20/2021 at 6:08 PM, DexMacLeod said:

I don't so much mind people having unrealistic dreams for what they want the next GTA to be like, but I can't stand the ones who want those things so bad that they've convinced themselves that their ideal GTA has already been confirmed. The people who state their opinions and dreams as if they're facts. You get a lot of those people everywhere, though.



Very on point. I wouldn't mind a portion of the game set in mid-late 1989, which was a different atmosphere from 1984/86 and was evolving into some more modern aspects of the early 90s that I like, but what does annoy me is those who believe somehow that a Vice City based GTA cannot exist outside of the 80s. Or are so adamant that is absolutely what the setting would be, when nothing fully supports it. I see plenty of those annoying arguments here though, so definitely not just r/GTA6.


On 1/20/2021 at 11:30 PM, RedDagger said:

tbh every post here could be describing this forum as well, discussion about video games just kinda sucks on the internet lol

Pretty much. While gaming definitely does attract a lot of intellects and high-functioning individuals in general, it also attracts the complete opposite.


Put those two together and they will clash eventually. It's no different than the Instagram and YouTube comment sections on these topics. Absolute gutter trash permeate them, that it's honestly way more civilized here.


It's probably one reason I hate GTA6 Online, as plenty of griefers are of that sort. Mouth breathers, who religiously buy sharkcards or use methods of cheating to make experience more miserable for others, instead of simply making their gaming experience easier (against R's greedy measures).


The only place I discuss anything gaming related is here, as anywhere else would make my head explode.


On 1/21/2021 at 5:37 AM, FanEu7 said:

The difference is that subreddits are basically echo chambers because of the upvote/downvote system. There is more variety of opinions and less circlejerk on classic forums like this but reddit these days is just way more popular


Exactly. I pretty much left there after making a few comments last fall on expected timing of release and got downvoted by probably some immature kids, who don't understand the concept of product planning and marketing.


I stated point blank, that a 2023 release was pretty much absolute at this point and would only stretch to 2024, in the event of any significant further delays. 2022 was not a thing, let alone even discussing it this year.


They were so confident otherwise, expecting 2022 RELEASE. Rockstar wouldn't bother porting GTAV, if a new title was less than 1 year away. I gave up and left, once I realized it was a dumb echo chamber of no real logic and evidence behind any expectations.


On 1/21/2021 at 5:51 AM, DarkDayz said:


For sure but not so bad here. I feel like people here were for the most part around when GTA 3 dropped, or have at least played the SD games to know of the progression in the series.


The subreddit is the worst place though, people's knowledge of the series and Rockstar doesn't go past GTA V. Which proves annoying when you are trying to break down something with logic or explain to someone why the game won't be set 200 years in the future.

Although I was playing GTA over 20 years ago as a kid, I wasn't a regular GTA III or 3D player until 2005-06, because I wasn't of legal age to buy those games until right before IV came out. Only by chance, I truly started 3D with San Andreas (XB) and then got the preceding titles as a young adult on PS2. I actually have never beat anything before GTA SA, due to life's interruptions.


I owned all of the original titles and EPs from 1997 to 1999, plus most of the 3D era, therefore respect the history of the franchise and have nearly gotten down to a science, how they operate in terms of timelines and planning.


A lot of those people you mentioned, couldn't be bothered, because beyond maybe V or IV, they were never there to really care. Aside from understandable impatience, they cannot logically express what, when, where, how, why and rip into others, who actually can accurately and succinctly.


A lot of these idiots, are the same folks who happily patronize Rockstar with more money for in game purchases. With $$$ like that coming, why wouldn't RG drag their feet? They're a business, not a charity. I am personally withholding my $$, until I see real effort.

On 1/21/2021 at 2:07 PM, MrBreak16 said:

I had a secondary account that got permanently banned from that subreddit, for seemingly no reason. My guess is one of the snowflake moderators didn’t like my comments and posts (especially since they would disappear almost immediately after making them) and decided to get rid of me

Sounds way too much like what has happened to me in a few places. Idiots in a place of online power let it get their heads too much and make stupid moves like that of course.


Point out the obvious which couldn't notice themselves or fix an existing problem in the first place, you'll easily get railroaded. 

On 1/21/2021 at 7:45 PM, rjmthe2nd said:



Reminds me of an instance where I explained to a poster there that Florida isn't officially the name of Vice City's state since GTA's universe building was in it's infancy at the time, California is SA, NY is Liberty State so that would mean Florida is a placeholder and would soon get a fictional name.



I got downvoted and confused responses 


Par for the course over there. Too many simple-minded folks who only think off emotion and not logically.

On 1/21/2021 at 9:52 PM, KGBeast said:

The GTA fanbase was never particularly bright. It started to get real bad when San Andreas released and it got worse than I ever thought possible after V. Considering you joined in the run up to V OP, you may want to consider that you're part of the problem.


Very true, but you can say that about many video games that are immensely popular, on a mainstream basis. Full of idiots. Forums like this have really cleaned up their act honestly, compared to what one used to see in the 2000s:


Lots of typos and awful grammar. Petty immaturity. Most of those types have been banned, grown up, died, or migrated to social media with their line of BS. A few newer sets of the ignorant types have made their way here and mostly post in Speculation & Discussion or create throwaway threads, which are quickly closed.


Anyway, your logic using join dates is ridiculous and unfair. Many of us have busy lives and other things we are doing with them, that posting about these games, wasn't of relevance/possibility to us, until GTA VI became a topic of discussion, due to the unnecessarily long wait.


Speaking for myself, I only came here, to meet with others interested in discussing the future of this franchise. I'm not gonna make that a topic of serious discussion with family members, friends, or colleagues, who may or may not get it or care, beyond being annoyed VI isn't out yet.


In liking to be ahead of the curve and a historian, I see this forum as the best conglomeration of information on this potential new game and trivia on past titles. And maybe for advice, on some difficulties with GTAO, I often deal with.


A lot of the truly ignorant and more so arrogant forum users, try to use post counts or join dates as a means to browbeat other users, even if that individual is 10x more resourceful than them.


I leaked corporate information about a future item ($500M+ project) on another forum and afterward checked a longtime forum member "Pill" on his BS speculation (muddled my info with drivel) which was so off base and uninformative.


Despite being a longtime (7 years), but infrequent forum poster there, one oblivious idiot of another user thought that it made sense to snark me over my low post count and essentially claim because I was "new", I couldn't understand the "Pill's" (inane) "gifted" perspective and "respect him".


I set that MF straight as well, pointing out how flawed his own logic was, simply based off my post count. I only registered there to spread around behind the scenes info 6-7 years earlier, that once official launch came around, I generally disappeared unless next generation discussions came up.


A reason why I returned and leaked over there last February (2020), deep product planning information in terms of targets and timelines through 2023, which instantly became worldwide news in that sector and prompted corporate retaliation. I maintained anonymity for security reasons. I only wish I could do that with GTA VI, but RG runs a very tight ship and would probably have my head before I could even spin.


I won't say what it was about for sensitivity reasons, but only gave it as an example why what you said doesn't make sense. It's all about the substance and focus of what anyone posts here, not so much how new they are and if we only appeared after V hit.


A join date wouldn't tell you that, but how they conduct themselves would.


If someone new/newer is just here to get into endless, petty arguments and not simply have open, healthy discussion, without caring to understand how RG operates nor their overall history, only then would one need to take into account their newness being an absolute factor.

Edited by CM1
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On 1/22/2021 at 7:39 PM, rjmthe2nd said:

The thing that really makes me nerd rage is people that call themselves big GTA fans but doesn't know about the GTA universe rule.... like lol? 


People really think Ray Liotta about to come through again? 

Exactly, but with things like Lazlo, can you honestly blame them? As well as WCTR remaining a mainstay? Either throw out everything but the city name between universes or you're gonna risk confusing the less enlightened types on what carries over and what doesn't.


As for Ray, well yeah that ship probably sailed in 2002 after he complained about his salary and pissed off RG. No reason to involve him, as he's too old anyway. He was like 47 going on 48 when got signed and is almost 67 now.


Motion capture would have to factor him and his age in, which by 2023 he would be nearly 70. I can't believe anyone suggested him for anything.

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